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September 2021 • The 5 Senses

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SEPTEMBER 2021 | THE 5 SENSES ISSUE In this issue of You at Your Best, we explore the miracles that are our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch: they connect us to the world and are well-worth protecting. We focus on ways to avoid eye strain caused by digital devices, and evaluate the healing benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy. We examine how mindful eating can connect us more deeply to our sense of taste. And we explore the importance of addressing hearing loss in a noisy world. 5 Mindful eating: Beyond the sense of taste 7 Aromatherapy: The nose knows 4 5 reasons not to ignore hearing loss 6 Hearing connects us to the world Stop eye strain before it starts 8 The power of touch 9 Sense of balance Life in balance features contents President Brent A. Powers Sales Manager Don Jones Advertising Operations Manager Sandy Robinson Creative Services Manager Brian Huntley Content Marketing Manager Karen Rice 2 | YOU AT YOUR BEST | YOUATYOURBEST.NWAONLINE.COM SEPTEMBER - THE 5 SENSES | SUNDAY, AUGUST 29, 2021

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