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August 03, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM AUGUST 4-10, 2021 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Best Laid Plans South Los Angeles was the scene of a huge explosion that injured 17 people after a planned detonation of illegal fireworks went horribly wrong, CBSLA reported. The Los Angeles Police Department had seized more than 5,000 pounds of commercial-grade fireworks from the home of 27-year-old Arturo Cejas and had moved about 10 pounds of "improvised explosive devices" into a special armored truck designed for controlled detonations. But the blast flipped cars and shattered windows over a two-block area, with neighbors describing it as "a really hard earthquake." The top of the armored vehicle, which weighs about 1 ton, fell blocks away, smashing a roof before landing in a yard. Cejas was held on $500,000 bail; LAPD called on national ATF teams to help with the investigation. What's in a Name? The Smoking Gun reported that a woman in St. Petersburg, Florida, was arrested after allegedly drunkenly slamming her car into a tree, a Taco Bell sign and the store's water meter, and then leaving the scene. The appropriately named Kanisha Booze, 34, is an employee at the Taco Bell. Police said Booze had "bloodshot, watery eyes, a dazed and blank expression on her face and an odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath." Unclear on the Concept Richard Turpin apparently just needed to borrow a truck, but he ended up with charges filed against him in Bratenhal, Ohio. WJW-TV reported that a mail carrier parked his USPS van at the end of a driveway and walked up to the house to deliver the mail, giving Turpin a chance to jump in and take off. A wit- ness called police, who caught up with Turpin a few miles away. When they asked him why he took the truck, he cryptically an- swered: "A U-Haul." The police officer responded, "I don't think that's a U-Haul" — but surprise! Inside, they found a big-screen TV that hadn't been in the truck earlier, according to the mail- man. And no mail was missing. The mail carrier admitted he'd left the keys in the ignition. Question: Why do shows like "Lisey's Story" on Apple+ have such dark scenes? I realize they're aiming for mystery or fear, but we can't tell what's happening! — SJ Matt Roush: Next to the issue of blaring background music on TV shows, dark and underlit camera- work is probably the #2 complaint in my mailbag. I watched what I could stand of "Lisey's Story" (one of my least favorite Stephen King books) via an advance screener on my laptop, and I do remember that the scenes in the fantasy universe of Boo'ya Moon (which makes me cringe just to type it) were hard to see what was happening. In some cases maybe just as well, but direc- tors of photography for TV really do need to remember that not ev- eryone has state-of-the-art TVs that effectively transmit these dim and dark scenes. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to "e Mysterious Bene- dict Society" for being a perfect case of family-friendly fare. Quirky without being cloying and clever enough to give "Veep's" Tony Hale two juicy roles as twin brothers, this Disney+ take on the book series about a quartet of kids infiltrating a shady boarding school is a delight- ful adventure that plays like "Willy Wonka" meets "Harry Potter." Jeers to "A Million Little ings" for one huge mistake. Between a brewing divorce, a foster kid sto- ryline and the overdue return of Delilah, the ABC drama's Season 3 ender was one of its best hours — except for that crazy, out-of-charac- ter twist that Gary had abducted the pervy teacher who molested Sophie. Is he an actuary or a hitman?! Jeers to "Top Chef: Amateurs" for serving us small portions. Bravo's fabulous spinoff hosted by Chef judge Gail Simmons has almost ev- erything: gifted home cooks aided by franchise faves, smart challenges and slick editing. But only half-hour episodes? Rookie mistake! ARIES - March 21/April 20 Aries, feelings of nostalgia may come over you this week, prompting you to look at old family movies or thumb through photo albums. Enjoy this trip down Memor y Lane. TAURUS - April 21/May 21 It is good to remain positive and keep an open mind, Taurus. Maintain your optimis- tic attitude and others will soon gravitate toward you. GEMINI - May 22/June 21 Take heart that many people around you are experiencing extreme emotions this week, Gemini. Help them work through the situa- tion and your efforts won't go unnoticed. CANCER - June 22/July 22 Cancer, stand up and defend yourself when the need arises. Your reputation is beyond reproach, and for good reason. Others can be relied on to support you. LEO - July 23/Aug. 23 Leo, others appreciate your straightfor ward, no-nonsense attitude. You'll find support by being honest at all times, so keep up the good work. VIRGO - Aug. 24/Sept. 22 Virgo, you often like things to be orderly and fact-based. However, this week you may find yourself clouded by emotions. You may have to go with your heart this time. LIBR A - Sept. 23/Oct. 23 Reach out to others for help with a stick y situation, Libra. Only by letting others know that you may need some support will you get friends and family to come to your aid. SCORPIO - Oct. 24/Nov. 22 Scorpio, you can't always assume that people will be in tune with your needs. You may need to advocate for yourself if you want help along the way. SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 23/Dec. 21 Don't jump too quick ly into making deci- sions this week, Sagittarius. Take some time to consider a situation and then form your opinion. CAPRICORN - Dec. 22/Jan. 20 Capricorn, don't avoid emotional topics right now, even if you're tempted to run in the opposite direction. Facing a strong chal- lenge will make you much stronger. AQUARIUS - Jan. 21/Feb. 18 To reveal the truth about something, tap into your psychic abilities, Aquarius. It may cause others to be a bit uncomfortable, but it is important to clarif y things right now. PISCES - Feb. 19/March 20 Pisces, when dealing with powerful, opin - ionated forces, including your own, it's best to keep a level head and remain patient.

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