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July/August 2021 The North Carolina Mason Page 3 AMENDMENT GROUP 1 (Held over from the 2020 Annual Communication) Submitted by the Board of General Purposes This amendment would require lodges to fully insure their property as per North Carolina law. Failure to do so would disallow any lodge to seek assistance from other lodges. AMENDMENT GROUP 2 (Held over)͒ Submitted by Cannon Memorial #626 This amendment would allow a lodge to vote on petitions for the degrees collectively. AMENDMENT GROUP 3 (Held over)͒ Submitted by the Grand Secretary This amendment would allow a lodge, if it wanted to, to open on the First Degree and conduct its business. AMENDMENT GROUP 4 (Held over) Submitted by Eagle #19 This amendment proposes to resolve a conflict in The Code concerning motions to close debate in a subordinate lodge. AMENDMENT GROUP 5 (Held over) Submitted by the Grand Secretary This amendment would require consolidating lodges to deed its property to the consolidated lodge. It would also allow the lodge trustees to fulfill their roles as executors of the lodge's property until all property is sold or transferred. AMENDMENT GROUP 6 (Held over) Submitted by William G. Hill #218 These amendments would allow the estate of a deceased member to purchase an endowed member- ship for the member. It also increases the costs of Veteran's and Memorial Endowed memberships. AMENDMENT GROUP 7 Submitted by Past Grand Master P. Shaun Bradshaw This amendment would raise the minimum initiation fee in order to provide more charity as the current fee structure was set over a century ago. This proposal does not affect the Grand Lodge per capita assessment, but rather the "petitioner's fee" due at the time of initiation. AMENDMENT GROUP 8 Submitted by Past Grand Master P. Shaun Bradshaw This amendment would raise the minimum initia- tion fee to $125. AMENDMENT GROUP 9 Submitted by Past Grand Master P. Shaun Bradshaw This amendment would remove certain outdated and poorly phrased Masonic offenses from The Code. AMENDMENT GROUP 10 Submitted by Past Grand Master P. Shaun Bradshaw This amendment would make obsolete sections of The Code deeming professional gambling, legal gambling, or operating a business where legal gambling takes place a Masonic offense. It would also make it a Masonic offense to cast a negative ballot against a petitioner due to his race, color, creed, or nation of origin. AMENDMENT GROUP 11 Submitted by Semper Fidelis #680 The amendment states that all service awards shall be presented by the Grand Master or his representa- tive. AMENDMENT GROUP 11 SUBSTITUTE Submitted by the Grand Secretary This amendment aligns the process of creating, delivering, and presenting service awards to lodges and members into current practice. AMENDMENT GROUP 12 Submitted by the Grand Secretary This amendment creates a Grand Lodge Committee on Philanthropy to review and report all aspects of the Grand Lodge's charitable and philanthropic endeavors to the Grand Lodge. AMENDMENT GROUP 13 Submitted by Grand Secretary This amendment consolidates subordinate lodge committees on the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and the Committee on WhiteStone into one committee, and further makes the subordinate lodge committee on DeMolay optional. AMENDMENT GROUP 14 Submitted by Allen Graham #695 This amendment permits any Mason to object to the passing or raising of a candidate in any lodge. AMENDMENT GROUP 15 Submitted by Lux Libertas #772 This amendment deal with virtual meetings and permits some brothers to attend stated communica- tions virtually. Ò B $ Ï $ $ $ z „ 9 ü " Ä Ä Proposed Code Amendments for 2021 Here is the nal list of proposed Code amendments to be presented for consideration at Annual Communication in September. Several proposed amendments were held over from 2020. Voting was restricted last year due to the pandemic and the structure of the virtual Annual Communication. ose amendments are indicated with the label (Held over). ࢌLV\HDUژV&DWKH\ Scholarship winners selected Fifteen students have been awarded the Charles Edward Cathey Scholarship for 2021. Each student receives a scholar- ship of $1,000. In 2000, Grand Master Charles Cathey initiated a drive to raise money for schol- arships that could be awarded to deserving North Carolina students. NC Masons generously supported his call to help send graduating high school seniors to college. Winners are: ■ Reece Bridges, Valdese; Draughn High ■ Savannah Buck, Emul; West Craven High ■ Dawson Corbett, Newton Grove; Hobbton High ■ Colby Davis, Murphy; Hiwassee Dam High ■ Mason Fuller, Ocracoke; Ocracoke High ■ Ella Gamble, Cullowhee; Smoky Mountain High ■ Madison Grigsby, Chadbourn; South Columbus High ■ Kristen Hall, Tryon; Polk County High ■ Ava Hayes, Pfafftown; Ronald Wilson Reagan High ■ Elijah Lemons, Fuquay Varina; Harnett Central High ■ Brianna Martin, State Road; East Wilkes High ■ Bryce Rogers, Franklin; Franklin High ■ Carson Satterwhite, Southport; South Brunswick High ■ Jon Soderena, Wilmington; E.A. Laney High ■ Morgan Walker, Lawndale; Burns High SAVE THE DATE! The Grand Lodge will hold an emergent communication on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. at Roanoke Rapids High School to open, re-seal, and rededicate the Masonic cornerstone on the school's 100th anniversary. The event is preceded by a parade. Bring your apron! Details: article/490288.

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