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Psi Chapter: Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Virginia • Summer 2021 THE DREAM T he fraternity house at 608 Preston Place was purchased in 1950, when Bob Fair '50 was an active Psi. The purchase was paid for through a combination of Alumni contributions, assessments, and the sale of property owned by the Chapter. The House served Psi well for decades, was renovated and expanded in the late 1960s, and underwent significant renovations in the mid-1980s. Don Sours '58, who followed Bob as president of the Psi House Corporation and had served as president of R. E. Lee Construction, believed that the physical plant at 608 could not indefinitely serve the demands of fraternity life. In the 2001 June edition of The Constantine Sig, Don opined that he was in favor of the concept of development of a new Greek village, which would be a joint venture with the University. "A new house with single bedrooms, formal and party areas, modern bathroom facilities, the latest in communication systems, outdoor rec space, adequate parking, and a Chapter room worthy of our heritage is what we need to carry Psi through this century." This Greek village concept died on the vine, but Don's vision of what was ultimately needed in a facility lived on. At the time Don wrote the 2001 article, he served as the sole officer and board member for the Psi House Corporation. Shortly after the 2001 publication, Don began expansion of the House Corporation with the addition of several Psi alumni. The first addition was Bill Nixon '70, whose two sons, Justin Nixon '02 and Devon Nixon '06, were Actives at the time. Bill became re-engaged with the life of Psi and has been constantly involved ever since. Steve Herbert '68 and Jim Moore '68 were soon enrolled on the board. Thomas Hall '02, a law school student and twice Honor Committee Chairman, agreed to serve on the board and would become vice-president under Don. He became responsible for supervision of The Constantine Sig. Thomas chaired a board-created commission to explore the future of Psi at 608 Preston Place. Prior to the formation of the "Commission on the Future of Psi's Physical Plant," fulfillment of the concept of a new or better home for Psi consisted of two activities: keeping an eye out for existing fraternity houses in the Mad Bowl area that were changing ownership and a fundraising effort conducted by Bill Nixon '70. While the first endeavor was totally unfruitful, Bill's fundraising lasted five years and raised $75,000. Although this sum was not enough to fund any major renovations or additions, it was well used for immediate needs. The balance was ultimately used toward the planning and development costs of the present facility. (Continued on page 2)

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