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From the heart A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF INDIANA ALPHA t SIGMA PHI EPSILON t SPRING 2021 PURDUESIGEP.ORG I n March, we completed the first year of the public phase of The Campaign for Indiana Alpha—A New Beginning. It is hard to believe that the beginning of this phase coincided with our Indianapolis alumni event, and then weeks later, COVID-19 took hold of everything. No doubt the timing challenged our efforts, but the Indiana Alpha brotherhood engaged in the campaign, and as of April we crossed the $1.5 million level with donations of $1,538,216 from 157 brothers. On behalf of our campaign co-chairmen, Mike Ellis '84, Jim Mosch '80, and Norm Nabhan '71, we thank all of you for your commitment to Indiana Alpha. A few thoughts on the numbers: Typically, in a fundraising campaign we expect a 20-25% donation rate from the active alumni. For Indiana Alpha, we have ~1,500 active alumni, or 300 expected donors. We are at roughly 87% of our campaign goal with only about half of our expected donors; this underscores both the opportunity and the challenge. Another fraternity on the Purdue campus raised several million dollars though a 70% donation rate; this is unusual. However, it also shows the giving potential of our remaining 150 expected donors. If 150 brothers donated an average of $1,400 we would achieve our goal, and given we expect some larger donations this also makes our stretch goal attainable. As we get more donors, the certainty of our goal is assured; it is all about brother participation. One way we have accomplished our outreach is through a "campaign within the campaign" by our era and class leaders. These leaders have reached out to their class over several months to both reconnect and engage their brothers in the campaign. Outreach has occurred through mail, email, phone calls, and Zoom meetings. It has been a great experience to reconnect with the brotherhood (after decades, for many alumni) and has also been a huge success. Our first group of class leaders covered the late '60s through the early '80s, and we currently have a group covering the 1950-65 and 2000-05 eras. If a class leader reaches out to you, I encourage you to reconnect. Hopefully, you can support the campaign with a donation, but at minimum we hope it brings you back to great memories from 690 Waldron. The success of The Campaign for Indiana Alpha comes down to three things: brother recruitment, 690 Waldron renovation, and fundraising. In every area we are making great progress through the efforts of the new brotherhood, resources from SigEp National, commitment of the AVC board, and our alumni brothers. All this is to say, this campaign is a good investment. Our goal of $1.75 million and stretch goal of $2 million remains unchanged. We have made great progress through the support of the brotherhood, but we still need more brothers contributing to the campaign to achieve all our goals. Fraternally, Jim Mosch '80 Campaign Co-Chairman (717) 487-1181 / OUR GOAL IS IN SIGHT Your Support Will Bring Us Home 1940s 23 $202,125 4 17.39% 1950s 82 $20,825 12 14.63% 1960s 193 $171,525 41 21.24% 1970s 196 $469,657 39 19.89% 1980s 268 $441,106 37 13.81% 1990s 296 $191,209 14 4.73% 2000s 296 $11,709 6 2.03% Friends 8 $15,809 4 50% Decade Mailable Alumni Amount Donated # of Donors Participation Donate today at

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