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May 04, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM MAY 5-11, 2021 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Entrepreneurial Spirit Good Fortune Burger in Toronto has renamed some if its menu items as office supplies as a not-so-underhanded way to help customers get reimbursed for lunch, the National Post reported, and perhaps boost sales. The restaurant's Fortune Burger is now the Basic Steel Stapler, and Parm Fries will appear on a receipt as CPU Wireless Mouse. Director of operations Jon Purdy said the restaurant "just wanted an opportunity to put a smile on some people's faces and have them have a little bit of a giggle." Devil in the Details An unnamed teenager in Thailand was excited by the surprisingly low price he found online for an Apple iPhone, and even though the shipping seemed a little high, he went ahead and ordered it, Oddity Central reported. The surprise came when he received a box nearly as tall as he was and found inside a coffee table shaped like an iPhone. The teen posted photos of his acquisition on social media and admitted he had been so anxious to snag the bargain that he didn't read the listing carefully. Home Sweet Home Vietnam veteran Tom Garvey, 78, of Ambler, Pennsylvania, has released a new memoir, not about his service in Southeast Asia, but about the "secret apart- ment" he maintained for two years in an empty concession stand in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, once home to both the Phillies and the Eagles, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer. From 1979 to 1981, Garvey lived in an "off-the-wall South Philly version of the Phantom of the Opera," he said, furnishing the apartment with a bed, sink, re- frigerator, stereo, coffeemaker, hot plate and seating for guests, who included players' wives waiting for their husbands after games. Leftover Astroturf served as the carpeting. Cousin Terry Nilon said being in Garvey's apartment, located literally in leftfield, felt like "Vet stadium was in his living room." Question: I loved the first episode of "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" sec- ond season. But, Zoey trying acid in a later episode, what the--? — Rusty Matt Roush: Let's just think of the choices made in that episode as a low point for Zoey, shall we? On a more positive note, the Feb. 9 epi- sode, the last before a hiatus until late March, was the best since the season premiere. About the drugs, though: Consider where Zoey lives, among hipsters and tech geeks in San Francisco, where this kind of behavior may not be uncommon. She showed enough regret later about her behavior while tripping that this shouldn't be seen as an endorsement. Maybe it was a cautionary tale? To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to "Superman and Lois" for giving e CW another top-notch spin on a classic tale. e super se- ries is equal parts action and family drama as the Man of Steel and his reporter wife (Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch) raise twin sons who couldn't be more different. Or difficult. Jeers to "A Million Little ings'" Eddie for not getting with the (12 step) program. All along, it's been a big deal that the ABC drama's ex-rocker (David Giuntoli) is sober, yet he's never hit a meeting or men- tioned a sponsor. If he had, maybe he wouldn't have been at the bar before the accident that left him in a wheelchair and sneaking pills. Jeers to "Country Comfort" causing us such distress. Ever since "Ameri- can Idol," we have loved Katharine McPhee. So it pains us to see her talents going to waste on Netflix's screechy musical sitcom about a country singer roped into nannying for a hot widower (Eddie Cibrian) and his five kids. Kat deserves an- other Smash, not this trash. ARIES - March 21/April 20 Aries, serving others is important, but it also is essential that you take care of yourself. Set aside time for some pampering or at least to enjoy some moments of quiet. TAURUS - April 21/May 21 It is important that you take a stand one way or another concerning a relationship with someone close. It will benefit both parties. GEMINI - May 22/June 21 Gemini, stubborn minds can cause friction when they interact with one another, but you can be the mediator who steps in. Tr y to cool tempers and smooth things out. CANCER - June 22/July 22 Expect things to go quite nicely for you this week, Cancer. More prosperit y should be heading your way and all in all things will flow smoothly at home and work. LEO - July 23/Aug. 23 It is time to get on the same page as others close to you, Leo. is could involve making some minor adjustments to your way of thinking, but it will be well worth it. VIRGO - Aug. 24/Sept. 22 Important lessons on balance are learned this week, Virgo. ey involve how much of yourself you are sharing with others. You may also need to slightly scale back the helping hand. LIBR A - Sept. 23/Oct. 23 Libra, if you feel like you're not getting the attention you deserve at work, you may need to plead your case to a new audience. See if you can move up the chain of command. SCORPIO - Oct. 24/Nov. 22 Your mind and energ y levels are on an even keel this week, Scorpio. You have the perfect combination to get big projects done. Tack le as much as you can. SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 23/Dec. 21 It is alright to be a bit more selfish than usual for the next few days. You probably have tasks that have been put off for some time. Now is the time to get them done. CAPRICORN - Dec. 22/Jan. 20 Your desire to get things done is only hin- dered by the free time you have. is might be an opportunit y to take a personal day and catch up on your home life, Capricorn. AQUARIUS - Jan. 21/Feb. 18 Give yourself some self-healing time, Aquar- ius. You have been juggling a lot of different things lately, which may have crowded your mind. Sort it all out. PISCES - Feb. 19/March 20 Leave worries at your doorstep, Pisces. is is a week when the sun is always shining and ever ything seems to fall in place. Distribution Driver Needed For Wednesday distribution route Must have vehicle, valid driver's license and insurance Email a brief work history & contact information to: laurel@upandcomingweekly.com CONTACT: Laurel Handforth Distribution Manager 910.484.6200

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