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CANDLELIGHT Page 2 Gerald E. Grant '54 C. Craig Hudson '56 Rollin C. Dix '57 Jim M. Thompson '57 William R. Morgan '58 Anton S. Petran '58 Don W. Rain '58 Richard L. Russell '58 Harry G. Chase '59 Dale J. Frost '59 Harry F. Hixson Jr. '60 Charles D. Kent '60 Fredric C. Westendorf '60 Donald J. Orr '61 William C. Young '62 Charles N. Hetrick '63 Donald K. Willing '63 David C. Follmer '64 Donald W. Johnson '64 James A. Schwai '64 John W. Bevelhimer III '65 Martin C. Hegglin '65 Ronald J. Laub '65 Wendell L. Pieper '65 Robert W. Raichle '65 Robert K. Rosler '65 James W. Barr II '66 David C. Dayton '66 Michael A. McNamara '66 Kenneth A. Probst '66 David A. Walters '66 Robert D. Baker '67 Jeffrey B. Orwig '67 Paul L. Pence '67 Harold G. Rohrer '67 Steven D. Scruggs '67 Robert D. Blue '68 Daniel T. Herron '68 Philip D. Preuninger '68 Kenneth G. Bassler '69 Jeffrey L. Copeland '69 R. Richard Hofmann '69 Donald M. Swanson '69 Geoffrey C. Boling '70 Brian R. Doolittle '70 Thomas D. Pogue '70 Dennis E. Dreyer '71 Thomas W. Eyre '71 Gregory M Ketz '71 Thomas L. Maddox '71 Ralph S. Born '72 Bill J. Chen '72 Rex A. Martin '72 Randall S. Meyerholtz '72 Alvin G. Rohrer '72 Gregory L. Delaney '73 Joseph J. Lazzara '73 John B. McCormick '73 William A. Samuelson '73 Alexander G. Bashenow '75 Ronald E Picciotti '76 Jeffrey M. Etter '77 Larry J. Lautner '77 Harvey R. Gerry '78 Timothy B. Groves '79 Brian T. Lernihan '79 Timothy J. Prickel '80 Kentton C. Grant '81 Brian W. Walker '81 Robert J. Nice '82 Dean S. Moya '83 James E. Shaw II '84 Joseph A. Conti '85 Tyler W. Viernow '85 Michael C. Kristakis '86 Timothy J. Lorenc '88 Steven A. Beeler '89 M. Adam Agnew '90 Michael P. Millikan '91 Thomas C. Callahan '92 David W. Deahl '92 Joseph L. Gerzema '92 Jeffery C. Langston '92 Corey S. Drake '93 Mark D. Politte '93 Jeffrey H. Edler '95 Jason C. Lew '98 Ben Phillips '10 Kiefer R. W. Capps '17 Nancy J. Adams Thank You, Generous BeTa Phi BroThers T hank you to the 90 supporters who committed more than $21,500 to the Beta Phi Foundation in 2020. These donors listed below stepped up to invest in Beta Phi's future, and we could not be more grateful. Every dollar supports the educational programming necessary to keep Pi Kappa Alpha a premier fraternity at Purdue. If you have been omitted from our contributors list, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our communications coordinator at alehr@penningtonco.com with any corrections. I am a member of the Class of 1971 and joined the Pi Kappa Alpha Home Association in 1975. I first served under Ed Neufer '59, then Dick Russell '49, Jim Barr '66, Lou Quinto '82, Joe Conti '85, Bob Nice '82, and, most recently, Matt Folz, Theta Omicron '07. I share this with you because on September 14, 2020, I became the Home Association president or, as some refer to it, the new sheriff in town. As you can imagine, it has been a very interesting six months navigating the challenges of COVID -19. As Matt mentioned in the fall 2020 Candlelight, we have installed hand sanitizer stations and purchased sanitizing equipment. We have also encouraged the brothers to follow the Protect Purdue policies, procedures, and guidelines. I have attended all of the virtual Protect Purdue Town Hall meetings and updates. The Protect Purdue Task Force is monitoring all campus housing units very closely. We recently added three new cameras to provide a better view of both the inside and outside of the Chapter House and to better protect and serve the brothers and their guests. The house membership stands at 40 brothers; however, the Purdue Pikes ranked 14th highest in the number of new fall pledges among all Pi Kappa Alpha chapters across the country with 39 new members. With the additional spring 2021 pledges, we could potentially welcome 60-plus members to the house, which is close to capacity. As Matt Folz stated very well in the spring 2019 Candlelight: it's no secret that college social fraternities currently exist in an environment much different than the environment experienced in the past, and because of this shifting landscape, fraternal programming has also shifted. Every successful fraternal organization is taking steps toward adapting its programs to this new environment, including Pi Kappa Alpha. Fortunately, the values ingrained in our ritual continue to stand the test of time and serve as the nucleus upon which successful programming is built and, in turn, successful young men. If you should have any questions or comments regarding the Home Association, please feel free to call me at (314) 973-7666 or email me at tlm@tlmcos.com. Fraternally, Tom Maddox '71 Home Association President A MESSAGE FROM HOME ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT TOM MADDOX '71

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