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2 Beta Chi Columns Thank You, Loyal Brothers W e wish to thank all those who continue to support the annual program. Alumni who contributed to the 2020 appeals to date are listed by initiation year under the appropriate giving levels. If an error has been made in recording your gi, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Beta-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, University of Missouri Science & Technology, P.O. Box 442100, Lawrence, KS 66044. ank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—it truly does make a difference! Benefactors of Beta-Chi ($250 and above) Alan P. Ploesser '42 Guy F. Ellis '53 In honor of the Pledge Class of 1952 Norman E. Hart '53 Everett W. McGaugh '57 James O. Murray '57 W. Dave Phelps '57 William L. Sullivan III '57 Terry L. Mills '58 Dick Phillips '58 Bill Ricketts '58 Wayne B. Ruck '58 Dennis G. Dreyer '60 Robert H. Gardner '60 William S. Kirchoff Sr. '60 J. omas Netzer '60 Don J. Bacich '61 M. omas Barber '61 Richard L. Schmidt '61 eodore M. Fiedler '62 Timothy M. Handlan '64 June C. omason Jr. '64 Michael A. Perkins '65 Donald L. Cordes '66 Barry R. Romine '66 Donald W. Bourne '67 DJ Dobbins '68 Richard A. Heppe '68 Gary Forsee '69 Lance M. Killoran '69 Don Neely '69 R. John Pepper '69 Gary L. Abernathy '71 Gary D. Leemann '71 Mike J. Meyer '71 Stewart A. Scott '71 James C. Griese '72 James R. Pelger '72 David R. Breece '73 In memory of Kathryn Dowling Breece Michael W. Fugate '73 Paul R. Vetter '73 T. Mark Drumm '74 Gary E. Roebke '74 Kent S. Springer '74 William P. Alt '75 Bruce A. Bowermaster '75 Mark R. White '75 Glenn J. Mabie '76 omas B. Shilling '76 Frank V. Danzo '77 Jane and Tom Smith '77 Greg A. Weeks '77 Robert J. Hoffmann '78 J. Barry Shelden '78 Michael W. Smith '78 M. David Madonna '79 James P. Morrissey '79 Michael J. Lally '80 Edward J. Bradley Jr. '81 William L. Kovacich '82 John D. Campbell '83 Richard T. Bradley '84 W. Alan Hopkins '86 Daniel H. Lumma '86 Michael D. Overfelt '89 In memory of Betty Overfelt Fred W. Niemeier '92 Dwayne R. Doshier '93 Brian A. Lowry '96 Douglas W. Randall '97 Grant J. Mabie '02 David M. Vorhies '03 Ben Preuter '10 Friends of Beta-Chi (Up to $249) David L. Harbaugh '53 Rosario J. Sidoti '57 Paul C. Gerhardt Jr. '61 Robert B. Bridges '62 William J. Trejbal '63 Daniel C. Dugan '67 Dr. Robert L. Ward '68 William P. Balaz Jr. '69 R. George Calkins Jr. '69 Robert D. Simpson '75 David A. Ederle '81 H. John Vetter II '81 E. J. Corich '84 Joseph P. Shukys '85 Kenneth J. Quirin Jr. '92 Jason L. Schroeder '96 John R. Schroeder '97 Tom Dell'Orco '11 Jackson Pence '15 "I had fun and I hope they did as well. It was a good hour-and-a-half tutorial with me teaching them some of the important fundamentals of poker strategy, and especially tournament strategy," Greg said. "I do a lot of poker teaching, having done about 100 live group seminars and many hours of private lessons. I have also put out the best book on poker tournament strategy yet to be written, in my not-so-humble opinion, FossilMan's Winning Tournament Strategies." Greg didn't start playing poker at a competitive level until about six or seven years aer he graduated from Rolla. Nevertheless, some of his favorite undergraduate memories are from the nickel-dime-quarter games he played with his Beta-Chi Brothers. "ose games were all about the fun," Greg said. "We all probably thought we were brilliant poker players, but we were all horribly bad at the game. It was a great example of the Dunning- Kruger effect in action." While Greg's poker skills weren't quite top-notch yet when he lived in the Kappa Sigma house, his grades were among the best in Beta-Chi from the start. Greg remembers one night as a new member when he needed to go to bed before study hours ended at 11 p.m. He recalls Pledge Master Paul Demzik '80 being none too pleased about him going to bed early. Paul called what he thought to be Greg's bluff about not needing to study, but Greg went all in and won in the end. "At one point, Paul asked me 'What do you mean you didn't need to study more? Are you going to get straight A's?' I simply and bluntly replied, 'Yes. Yes, I will,'" Greg said. "He was so dumbfounded by this answer he walked off in a huff. Fortunately, I followed through on that statement and got A's in all my first semester courses." Due to moving frequently over the years for his postgraduate jobs and poker career, it has been difficult for Greg to stay in touch with many of his college friends, including his Beta-Chi Brothers. As Greg hopes to reconnect with some of his Brothers, he's enjoyed looking back on his Kappa Sigma experience. It's reminded him that several small memories he's made with his Brothers can culminate in a grand experience. "ere are hundreds of memories of small events, and those are the things that really make Going All in at Kappa Sigma (Continued from page 1) Above: Greg with his daughter, Sophie, and the showgirl puppies. Below: Greg with Kevin Dillon and Verne Troyer. up your life," Greg said. "ere was just so much camaraderie, brotherhood. We teased one another all the time, but also helped one another get through college life successfully." You can connect with Greg at greg@ fossilmanpoker.com. $37,330 Raised in 2020 DONATE ONLINE AT tinyurl.com/BetaChiFoundation

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