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SIGMA NU FRATERNITY AT LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY SPRING 2021 e road is long With many a winding turn at leads us to who knows where Who knows where But I'm strong Strong enough to carry him He ain't heavy, he's my brother So on we go T hese words have been sung countless times for the better part of our history at LA Tech. Perhaps we are collectively living them, as we each make the choice to invest in our legacy's continuance based on the intrinsic value of the experience received while in college. Men, we all have a story. e investment you make may be similar in nature to learning how to water ski for the first time. Most likely, your dad or your best friend with a boat took you out on the lake in your youth and asked, "Do you want to give it a try?" Most likely you needed a little push or encouragement to make that first attempt of getting up and staying up on a set of water skis. You were probably encouraged by a dad, brother, friend, or youth leader (most likely a male). You also didn't want to embarrass yourself in front of a woman before you learned how to get up and ski properly and look cool. At some point you may have even dropped a ski and perfected the slalom or did some tricks. Nonetheless, you mastered a new skill because someone invested in showing you how. Now recall this in your memory: You came to LA Tech and got yourself enrolled, found a place to live, and then someone said, "Hey man, you going through rush?" You got the nudge from a roommate, friend, sibling, or campus leader to attend. Aer going through the process, you had to make a decision. Do I want to join a fraternity? What can they do for me while I am in college? You again got the nudge: "Give it a try." You may not have been sure it was the right decision at the time, but you made that step to go down that road; and that, my brother, "has made all the difference." Much like that water skiing experience, you jumped in, learned the technique, and used the tools offered to achieve that which you would no longer fear: being accepted, liked, included, proud, and encouraged by others to build your own self-esteem. is and your God-given gis and abilities have propelled you to this point in life with great success and meaning. You mastered a new skill because someone invested in showing you how. How to study, cook, dance, date, get your shirts pressed, invest time wisely, and on and on. By the time you finished your undergraduate degree, you realized that you made a good choice to be a Sigma Nu. What others invested in, before you arrived, has now given new purpose and meaning to your own life. You mastered many new skills because someone invested in showing you how. Only you know what those skills are. What value can you put on that? Now, we find ourselves in a journey that started and grew from a social at the home of one Jim Hall HZ367 in Baton Rouge in September of 2018. is was the Friday night before the LSU vs LA Tech football game. While at Jim's home, many an alum of the '70s-'80s era attending, Danny Rea HZ284 of Houston ask me to get up and say a few words about the movement to build a new chapter house for Sigma Nu. I don't recall all that was said that night, but I do recall that everyone present cared and voiced a desire to see this goal be achieved. at was the beginning of the Building on Our Legacy campaign. It became official the following March, and the journey continues to this point. As the House Corporation President for the last two years, I have seen great things happen. We have nearly reached our initial goal for funding pledges and gis; we have secured the architectural drawings and conducted the initial bid process; we have united our chapter and its alumni through better communication and networking; we have purchased additional land across the street from the old house for future use; and we have secured temporary off-campus housing for the interim period, during the unsettling times our students find themselves in due to a pandemic. In spite of the headwind of obstacles presented over the past 24 months, we have held strong and kept our focus, and the fruits of our labor have materialized to our benefit. In keeping with the theme of my message, you are standing at the gate of decision, my brothers, much as you did the day they were giving out bids. You have a decision to make, and it is very simple. "Yes, I'm in" or "No, I'm out." Just as you said yes to that bid and were grateful there was one waiting for you to receive, you are now standing before me, your chapter, your brothers, and your peers; and you are making that decision again. is time, it's not about you; your time has passed. You are now making an investment in another young man's life. Someone made an investment in yours, and now my plea is for you to reciprocate that for a future member of Sigma Nu. You see, Love, Truth, and Honor are more than words or a good idea; they have meaning. I Believe, I Serve, and I Walk. ese words are to be put into action, as our Creed suggests, as written by our founding fathers from VMI. To get us to the goal line and a 2021 start date for the new house, e House Corporation and Finance Campaign Committee members are declaring e 2021 Challenge: that all who are able give $2,021 as a minimum and greatly appreciated gi. is amount can be given over four years at $505 per year, or $42 per month on a credit or debit card. It is that easy! Make the written pledge, provide the LA Tech Foundation your information through the website link, and they handle it from there. at simple. ink about this: if you have been out of Tech for more than 20 years, and you just pay your $50 per year alumni dues for 20 years, that would be $1,000 of it. irty years becomes $1,500, 40 years $2,000, 50 years $2,500. Step SIGMA NU ISSUES THE 2021 CHALLENGE Will You Do Your Part? (Continued on page 2)

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