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March 2021

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18 Each time you read a page in Kid Scoop News, color in a planet in our solar system. When you reach Neptune, cut out the sun and wear it as a badge to let everyone know you are a star reader! NEPTUNE Hold on to your hats! Neptune is storms, storms and more storms! MERCURY Closest to the sun, Mercury's days are a whopping 800° F and at night the temperature drops to 300° F BELOW zero! VENUS Covered with a poisonous acid, Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. The planet's thick clouds let the heat in, but not out! This is called the greenhouse effect. EARTH Not too hot and not too cold, it is the only planet where we know there is life. MARS The Romans named Mars after their god of war, because its color reminded them of blood. In 2006, scientists in the International Astronomical Union decided to reclassify tiny Pluto as a 'dwarf planet'. PLUTO Uranus has rings just like Saturn, but the rings go around the planet up and down like a ferris wheel. Through a telescope, this icy planet looks greenish-blue. URANUS Saturn is nearly as big as its neighbor, Jupiter, but it is not so heavy. Scientists say that if you could find an ocean big enough, Saturn would float. SATURN JUPITER Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet. If it was hollow, more than 1,000 Earths could fit inside. Planet Adjectives Read the short description of each of the nine planets in our solar system. Think of three adjectives that describe three planets. Write the adjectives near the planet they describe. Standards Link: Grammar: Identify adjectives. Standards Link: Earth Science: Students know that each planet has unique characteristics. © Vicki Whiting March 2021 Official Kids Mag

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