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February 02, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM FEBRUARY 3-9, 2021 UCW 13 COVER STORY As a member of the media, I predict I will be the first political prisoner jailed and held without bail in Cumberland County when the Braunhemden (Brownshirts) march down Hay St. and demand the Fayetteville City Coun- cil turn the Market House into a Brew Pub. Seriously, I want to preface this article the same way I have the many others I have penned by asking you to view these words through the lens of being an American. For a moment, set aside subjective notions of race, gender, religion, and political affiliation just long enough to envision the big picture of the unique blessings and free- doms afforded us by living in a free nation. Compare this to what we have to lose by tak- ing these freedoms for granted and accepting the lawlessness, violence, hypocrisies, and high tech corruption that are slowly but effectively eradicating our Constitutional freedoms and our nation. It is a frightening trend too real and, without a doubt, a clear and present dan- ger to all of us. It is no secret that since the height of the Cold War of the 1950s and 60's that the Soviet Union and the Communists were determined to take over the world and implement com- munist rule. The United States was their prime target because our U.S. Constitution was the most ridged and directly op- posed to their tyrannical and repressive government. The Cold War ended with the dis- solution of the Soviet Union in 1991; however, what did not dissolve in the 21st century was the communist threat and their determination to destroy our Constitution, American Democracy, and our way of life. Socialist, Communist, Marxist and anti-Americans have infiltrated and penetrated the ranks of our American government. They are resolved more now than ever to destroy America from within in hopes of winning the title "Ruler of the World." Well, the way I see it, that will be a competitive and challenging race to the finish line be- tween Communist China and Commu- nist Russia. Both bad actors of failed and suppressed governments that view the United States of America as their Grand Prize. In July 2020, I published in this newspaper a list of 45 Current Com- munist Goals. These communist objec- tives first appeared in the 1958 book "The Naked Communist" written by former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen. Reprinted in 2014 with over a million copies sold, his insightful writings warned America of the imposing com- munist threat. So remarkably logi- cal, realistic and probable were these goals Florida State Rep. A.S. Herlong, Jr. requested that they be taken liter- ally and seriously and made part of the Congressional Record to warn America of the threat and catastrophic effects of communism. The Communist Goals were read into the Congressional Re- cord in 1963. In the July 22 edition of Up & Com- ing Weekly, I outlined in red 20 of those goals (44%) that have already been ful- filled or achieved. Sadly, since July, we can add two more: 41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents (school/ educational indoctrination). 42. Create the impression that violence and insur- rection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition. (Portland, Or., Se- attle, WA., and Kenosha, Wis.) During these past couple years, things haven't been looking so good for the Good Guys. Read these carefully. Then add in: the developing duel justice systems, skepticism of fair elections, bias media coverage/no media coverage, national, state and local laws and rules that destroy businesses and livelihoods, teachers who refuse to teach, billionaires in government making rules and laws their constituents have to obey but they don't. Where does one even start to identify and define gross hypocrisy? I will end this the way I started: We live in a free country. It has a proud his- tory and a track record that, despite our shortcomings, has made us the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. Our unified goal should be to preserve this country, and that transcends any notions of bias. Hundreds of American's have died to protect the freedoms we en- joy today. Even today people are dying in their attempt to get here for these freedoms. The only way we can put our nation in peril is to ignore the prominent warnings that our leadership at all levels of government are leading us in the wrong direction, and we stand idly by offering no resistance. White, Black, LGBTQ, Democrat, Republi- can or Independent does not make any difference. We are all Americans and not prone to speak Russian or Chinese or live under a suppressive communist government. The outlandish government behavior, business, and civil actions we are experiencing in America today would have people imprisoned, shot, or tortured in Russia or China. Again, this is the reality of it regard- less of your race, color, religion or political affiliation. Believe it. Communist threat and gross hypocrisy continue in America by BILL BOWMAN BILL BOWMAN, Publisher, UP & COMING WEEKLY. COM- MENTS? BILL@upandcomin- gweekly.com. 910-484-6200.

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