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2 Beta Chi Columns Generous Alumni, We Thank You $18,290 Raised in 2020 W e wish to thank all those who continue to support the annual program. Alumni who contributed to the 2020 appeals to date are listed by ini- tiation year under the appropriate giving levels. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Beta-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, University of Missouri Science & Technology, P.O. Box 442100, Lawrence, KS 66044. Thank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—it truly does make a difference! G rowing up as a self-described "military brat," Scotty Black '02 always wanted to fly jets for the Air Force. He joined the Air Force ROTC in college, but as he got to know his Kappa Sigma Brothers, he was exposed to many other rewarding career paths. He planned to go into engineering after college— then 9/11 happened. "Because of those events, I felt I absolutely needed to serve our country," Scotty recalls. He soon joined the Army Reserves, followed by the Marine Corps after graduation, where he proudly serves to this day. Scotty is thankful for the brotherhood he shared with Kappa Sigmas in his formative college years. While he deeply appreciated the Fraternity's history and values, it was ultimately about the Brothers themselves, how they lived, and how they continue to live their lives. "Beta-Chi taught me what true brotherhood and real friendship was all about. You could not go it alone; you needed your Brothers to excel," he said. "That stuck with me as I joined the military, which further reinforced the importance of teamwork, fellowship, leadership, and service." A REWARDING CAREER In the Marine Corps, Scotty serves as an F/A- 18 Weapons Systems Officer ("Think Goose in Top Gun") and has had five deployments in his career—the most recent being for Operation Inherent Resolve, in which they executed combat missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. His most rewarding experience to date was serving as the training officer for Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 224; he trained the group for his fifth deployment in what he considers the most complex mission sets since the Vietnam War. Scotty's service has also afforded him excellent educational opportunities, such as earning his M.S. in modeling and simulation at the Naval Postgraduate School, as well as a Ph.D. program that he will begin in the summer of 2021. "My career has been extremely rewarding, and I never cease to be amazed by the quality of individuals who volunteer to serve our country, often at great sacrifice to themselves and their families," Scotty says. "It has been a truly humbling experience to serve alongside some of our nation's finest." WHAT MATTERS MOST Speaking of family, out of all his successes, Scotty is most proud of his wife, Jess, and their young twins, Ellison and Ellie. He was away for long stretches of Jess's pregnancy and the twins' first year, and when not deployed he has often traveled or worked long hours. But the twins, now 4 years old, are happy and healthy, and Scotty's family is the highlight of his life. "Despite all of the great things the Marine Corps has afforded me, nothing comes close to the excitement of coming home to two kids who don't have a care in the world, and who never fail to put a smile on my face." While Scotty has admittedly struggled to keep in touch with people, moving around for the military all his life, he has done a better job connecting with a group of Kappa Sigma Brothers. He was fortunate to meet with some of them again during a work trip to St. Louis, and it felt as though they had picked up right where they left off. His most recent trip back was for a Brother's funeral, and despite the tragic circumstances, he was grateful to catch up with them again. "I know that if I lived in the area, I would absolutely attend all the events and hang out more often." Scotty resides in Montclair, Va., and enjoys spending as much time with family as possible. He also enjoys long-distance running events, which help him unwind and clear his mind. Scotty can be reached at scotty.black@gmail.com. The Value of Service Scotty Black '02 Discusses His Marine Corps Career and Kappa Sigma Brotherhood Benefactors of Beta Chi ($250 and above) Alan P. Ploesser '42 Norman E. Hart '53 James O. Murray '57 W. Dave Phelps '57 William L. Sullivan III '57 Bill Ricketts '58 Wayne B. Ruck '58 Dennis G. Dreyer '60 William S. Kirchoff Sr. '60 M. Thomas Barber '61 Richard L. Schmidt '61 Theodore M. Fiedler '62 Timothy M. Handlan '64 June C. Thomason Jr. '64 Michael A. Perkins '65 Barry R. Romine '66 Gary Forsee '69 Jerry W. Kiel '69 Lance M. Killoran '69 Don Neely '69 Mike J. Meyer '71 Stewart A. Scott '71 James C. Griese '72 David R. Breece '73 Michael W. Fugate '73 Paul R. Vetter '73 Gary E. Roebke '74 Kent S. Springer '74 Bruce A. Bowermaster '75 Mark R. White '75 Greg A. Weeks '77 Robert J. Hoffmann '78 J. Barry Shelden '78 Michael W. Smith '78 M. David Madonna '79 Edward J. Bradley Jr. '81 John D. Campbell '83 Richard T. Bradley '84 W. Alan Hopkins '86 Daniel H. Lumma '86 Dwayne R. Doshier '93 Grant J. Mabie '02 Friends of Beta Chi (Up to $249) David L. Harbaugh '53 Rosario J. Sidoti '57 Paul C. Gerhardt Jr. '61 Robert B. Bridges '62 William J. Trejbal '63 Daniel C. Dugan '67 Dr. Robert L. Ward '68 William P. Balaz Jr. '69 R. George Calkins Jr. '69 Robert D. Simpson '75 David A. Ederle '81 H. John Vetter II '81 Joseph P. Shukys '85

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