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November 03, 2020

Up and Coming Weekly is a weekly publication in Fayetteville, NC and Fort Bragg, NC area offering local news, views, arts, entertainment and community event and business information.

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM 18 UCW NOVEMBER 4-10, 2020 Correctly complete the Rocket Fizz crossword puzzle and/or sudoku and send it to: Up & Coming Weekly 208 Rowan St., Fayetteville, NC 28301 or fax it to 910-484-9218 by November 10. You could win a prize courtesy of Rocket Fizz & Up & Coming Weekly! Winners will be notified by phone and may pick up their prize at the Up & Coming Weekly corporate office at 208 Rowan St., Fayetteville, NC, 28301. Name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________Email:_______________________________________________ Where did you pick up your Up & Coming Weekly?______________________________________ Answers to the 10/28/20 puzzles Visit us online at: www.upandcomingweekly.com Subscribe to receive Your FREE FREE online edition! PROVERBIALLY SPEAKING ACROSS 1. Bornean ape 6. Casino's pull 9. Elbow-wrist connection 13. Paralyzing disease 14. Pigeon sound 15. Teething drops 16. Mary's subjects (1542-1567) 17. Ostrich-like bird 18. September stone 19. *One responsible for someone else's welfare 21. *Both rodents and humans like to come up with these 23. Name fit for a king 24. Wedding cover 25. Like a dim star 28. Head vermin 30. *Like the schemes of a fool, biblically speaking 35. or's father 37. Cleopatra's necklace 39. Blood carrier 40. Ice on a window 41. Famous Teatro alla ____ 43. Took to court 44. Prevent 46. Burden of proof 47. Leprechaun's land 48. Fit 50. Cabinet div. 52. Steadfast Soldier's material 53. Letter before kappa 55. European Economic Community 57. *It increases love and friendship 61. *It will cause additional harm 64. Raccoon relative 65. Short for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC 67. Huey, Duey and Louie, e.g. 69. #41 Across location 70. Prior to, pref. 71. Organ swelling 72. Benevolent fellows 73. African tam-____ 74. English county DOWN 1. Roman goddess of plenty 2. *It's just as unpleasant as a hard place 3. Sunburn soother 4. Fertilizer ingredient 5. Luke's teaching, e.g. 6. Laptop manufacturer 7. Data storage acronym 8. *Cowards are sometimes compared to this 9. Encourage 10. Good earth 11. Sound on a scale 12. Saloon selections 15. Perennial garden flower 20. Signs for escape 22. Post-Soviet Union alliance, acr. 24. Covered porch 25. *Can't use these to break a skeleton 26. Farewell, to ami 27. Nimbus, pl. 29. Gabrielle Chanel's nickname 31. *Keep it clean to stay out of trouble 32. *It's tastier if one is not allowed to have it 33. First cradles 34. Filled with cargo 36. Like whiskey right out of bottle 38. Classic board game 42. Colorado ski resort 45. Curb, two words 49. Disney dwarf 51. ACT taker, e.g. 54. Dangle a carrot 56. Miss Muffet's meal 57. "e Road Runner" corporation 58. Skin infection 59. #13 Across conqueror 60. J.F.K. postings 61. Bookkeeping entry 62. *Don't make inquiries if you don't want to hear this 63. Hefty volume 66. Chapter in history 68. Coltrane's woodwind Congratulations to Lori Driessen who picked up a copy of Up & Coming Weekly at Tolson Youth Activities, Fort Bragg.

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