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Fall 2020 Preserving the Greek experience for future generations of student leaders the Fraternity and Sorority P O L I T I C A L A C T I O N C O M M I T T E E T his year has brought so many unexpected changes, but FSPAC's mission of defending and enhancing the fraternal experience has remained the same. Your steadfast support has been a source of great encouragement for me and for our board of directors. I'll admit that I've had days when I question the wisdom of serving as the leader of a bipartisan political action committee aimed at protecting the rights of college students… in the midst of a global pandemic and during a period of tremendous civil unrest in our country. It's tempting to focus on the seemingly constant negative drumbeat against politics and politicians, against fraternities and sororities, and against college students as a whole. But when you peel away the headlines and learn the truth about what is happening, you find that our brothers and sisters in Congress are working hard to serve their constituents, members of fraternities and sororities are welcoming students back to campus safely, and college students are responding to the challenges of a global pandemic and searching for justice in a way that should make us all proud. Members of our organizations are doing what they have always done—coming together to build strong communities of support, rising to meet urgent challenges, and unlocking the tremendous potential of the next generation. That is why FSPAC has spent the last 15 years building relationships in Congress to advance the issues that matter to students and particularly to fraternities and sororities. So, here's to FSPAC's next 15 years and beyond! Cheers to our friends in Congress; cheers to our leaders—past, present, and future; and cheers to YOU, our loyal donors, for all of your support! THANK YOU! Loyally, Phyllis Grissom, ΔΔΔ President Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee Challenges Highlight Importance of FSPAC's Mission University of South Carolina students on move-in day. Photo Credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images University of Wisconsin-Madison students socially distance on their first day of classes. Photo credit: Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin M y main motivation to support FSPAC was to protect the rights of university students and to protest the unfairness of the current situation regarding non-tax- deductible housing gifts. Today, FSPAC tackles that and even broader issues—making education affordable for all, protecting our rights to freely associate, and combatting hazing on campus—and I am in full support of all these efforts. As Housing Corporation president of Kappa Alpha Theta and a former international president, I know the Greek experience helps students (especially women) find a group that supports their educational pursuits and provides emotional support and friendship—in their college years and beyond. Through FSPAC I have had the honor of accompanying students to interfraternal lobbying days in D.C.; Theta usually sponsors the attendance of four or five sisters. This is a unique opportunity for college students to experience the Hill and speak directly to Congress about fraternity and sorority life. I've been so impressed with these men and women, their grasp of the issues, and how they speak passionately and articulately about them. Together, we put these issues in front of our elected leaders, and I think we are changing minds. What started as a grassroots movement has evolved into a well-oiled machine that makes a true impact on fraternity and sorority housing issues and so much more. I am proud of those who started FSPAC in this pursuit and am thankful to our young brothers and sisters for seeing this through. Why I Support FSPAC Mary Jane Beach, ΚΑΘ, Florida State University

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