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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Educational opportunities are an essential part of so many of our success stories. at is why the Imagine America Foundation has made it our mission to help students all across the country find career training institutions, the right postsecondary programs for them, and funding options to help them succeed on their educational journeys. Aer twenty years of administering our award-winning scholarship and award programs, and in the midst of sweeping global changes in 2020, we are excited to continue providing innovative and exciting initiatives to support students at every step. We are proud to have continued a webinar series to connect with high school counselors, launched a new podcast to engage listeners nationwide, created new student marketing and acquisition services, and continued to help thousands of students prepare for a new career. Education has changed a lot over the years, and we are continuing to see the evolution of online training and how students approach their educational and career goals—particularly in a COVID-19 world. But career colleges remain essential to providing flexible options for students who are juggling support of a family, engaged in part- or full-time employment, or who desire hands- on training without four years sitting in a classroom—including Millennials, Generation Z students, and recent high school graduates. e certificate, diploma, or degree awarded at the end of their program isn't just a box to be checked or a piece of paper to frame. Earning the foundation of an education can help individuals and families pursue the American Dream through increased earning potential, improved job opportunities, personal growth and fulfillment, and more. We are honored to help prospective students choose such a path, but also to support current students and to help alumni to find continued success in their careers and in life. at is why we partner with member institutions who provide the training needed to be competitive in today's economy and with vendors who help our students with everything from student housing to financial literacy and beyond.

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