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2 The BATTLEFIELD SIG What made Sigma Chi the right fit for you? The alumni. Obviously, those of us involved in bringing the chapter back to Gettysburg's campus had a huge role in shaping the chapter's culture, and we were always going to try to create a space in which all of us felt comfortable. Alumni brothers like Bill Sapoch, Richard Krisch '73, and Joe Santacroce made sure that we were always operating within the right framework, and that our work developing a chapter wasn't a total free-for- all. They kept us focused on the things that make Sigma Chi itself important, rather than letting our project devolve into a caricature of Greek life, and I think that really benefitted us in the end. We always had a clear goal, and a decent map for how to get there, because of the alumni who helped us out. And since we had that foundation, we were able to create a space with room for the types of personalities we had in the group. How has being a member of Theta Chapter helped shape you as a person? I think the biggest thing is that Theta gave me a sense of place and belonging at Gettysburg that really allowed me to flourish. It also introduced me to people who really challenged me and some of the assumptions I had developed in high school about how the world worked. How have Sigma Chi's core values of Friendship, Justice, and Learning influenced your life as an alumnus? I'm much more of a seven virtues kind of guy, to be honest. When I think of how I'm measuring my own life and career, I am thinking of courage, wisdom, and high ambition, mostly. It's always good to have a reminder to be courteous to all and faithful to friends. Courtesy, especially, is something that's easy to forget about when you have a packed, stressful schedule. For instance, I am not instinctively courteous toward people who schedule 8 a.m. conference calls. But the seven virtues are very much the yardstick by which I measure my life. What are some of your favorite Theta Chapter memories? There was a night involving Little Italy and Times Square in New York City that really stands out to me. The Far Hills Hunt in either 2008 or 2009 was also a fun time. Possibly the most fun nights, though, were the random nights we spent at Mamma V's when our crew was just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. What degree did you receive from Gettysburg College? A bachelor of arts in history and philosophy. What is your profession, and how did you get started in that field? I'm an attorney. I went to law school at the University of Michigan after leaving Gettysburg, and then clerked for two years in Chicago before taking my current position as an associate at a small plaintiffs- side shop. What are you most proud of in your career and personal life? That I've got a dog who is happy and has a healthy sense of what matters. Living out here near Silicon Valley, you meet a lot of people who are very early in their careers but are already doing big things and making lots of money. This environment seems to do a few things to people pretty consistently. First, so many of the people I meet are restless, for lack of a better term. They don't have much grounding and don't know what they want from life. They're in this grinder that is the mythical tech-world, but they're still searching for something. I've never felt that way—I think in part because of my time at Theta Chapter. I won't say I've always been content; I haven't and I don't know if that even would be particularly healthy. However, I've always had a good sense of what I am looking for and how to find it. I think I can thank Sigma Chi for a good bit of that. The other thing I encounter out here is people with an unhealthy relationship with money. Obviously, one needs money to survive and thrive, but it isn't an end unto itself. Your values, your relationship with people, and your relationship with the world are more important, and that's something I've never lost sight of. Again, thanks at least in part to Sigma Chi. What are the top five things you learned from Sigma Chi? How to know when you've had too much to drink; to value your weekends and friends; to give forward to the next generation; not to rest on your laurels; and that someone will always have my back. Aaron lives in San Francisco, California, and can be reached at Learning Life Values Aaron Lawson '10 Reflects on the Lessons He Learned at Theta Chapter Consul Justin Letizia '21 Pro Consul Mike Hreben '21 Annotator Jacob Singleton '22 Quaestor Jack Kenyon '21 Magister Connor Stafford '21 Recruitment Chairman Rieser Faller '22 (203) 451-6657 Risk Management Chairman Cam Burns '21 Tribune Giacomo Coppola '22 Editor William Hopkins '22 Historian Jack Edelson '21 Kustos Daniel Petrillo '21 House Manager Ryan Barrera '22 IFC Representative William Hopkins '22 Inclusion and Equity Chairman Luke Matzke '21 Scholarship Chairman John Nathaniel Moore '21 Social Chairman Alex Bobeczko '21 Brotherhood Chairman Paul Ivans '21 Health and Wellness (COVID-19) Chairman Kevin Michael Isky '21 Philanthropy Chairman Jack Lueddeke '21 Peterson Award Chairman Samuel Jagolinzer '22 Ritual Chairman Matthew Giacomo Urbano '21 Chapter Officers

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