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September 27, 2020

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September 27 - October 3, 2020 WHATS UP! T11 Roman general becomes a gladiator when the Emperor dies and his son usurps the throne. (3:30) AMC Tue 7 p.m. AMC Wed 3:30 p.m. "Gnomeo and Juliet" ++++ (2010, Adventure) Emily Blunt, James McAvoy. Garden gnomes face obsta- cles when they are caught up in an argument between neighbors. (2:00) Freeform Sun 11:53 a.m. Freeform Sun 11 p.m. "Go West" +++ (1940, Comedy) Groucho Marx, Chico Marx. Two simple-minded prospectors sign over a valuable gold mine to schem- ing villains. (1:45) TCM Thu 5 a.m. "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" +++ (2019, Sci-Fi) Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler. The agency Monarch battles the monsters known as Titans. (2:15) HBO Sun 1:15 p.m. "Good Boys" +++ (2019, Comedy) Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay. A young boy is invited to his first kissing party and asks his friends for advice. (1:30) HBO Fri 2:15 a.m. "Good Will Hunting" +++ (1997, Drama) Ben Affleck, Matt Damon. A math genius gets therapy in order to overcome his past and realize his full potential. (2:05) SHOW Tue 1:25 p.m. "The Goonies" ++++ (1985, Adventure) Corey Feldman, Sean Astin. A group of kids are swept up in an adventure after discovering a treasure map in an attic. (2:30) Freeform Fri 10 a.m. Freeform Sat 6:30 a.m. H "H.M. Pulham, Esq." ++++ (1941, Romance) Ruth Hussey, Hedy Lamarr. A successful businessman remembers how his ascension to the top was difficult and costly. (2:15) TCM Mon 1 p.m. "Halloween" ++++ (1978, Horror) Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence. A mentally unstable killer escapes from an institution and terrorizes three female teens. (2:00) AMC Thu 7 p.m. AMC Fri 11 p.m. AMC Sat 11:26 a.m. "Hang 'Em High" +++ (1968, Western) Ed Begley Jr., Clint Eastwood. After surviving his own hanging, a cowboy vows revenge on those who tried to murder him. (1:58) STZ ENC Wed 1:07 p.m. "Hardball" +++ (2001, Drama) Diane Lane, Keanu Reeves. An aim- less young gambler agrees to coach a Chicago housing project's little league team. (1:47) MAX Thu 11:43 a.m. "The Haunting" +++ (1963, Horror) Claire Bloom, Julie Harris. A doctor and a clairvoyant investi- gate the supernatural occurrences in a house. (2:00) TCM Fri 11:30 p.m. "Hero" +++ (2002, Action) Ziyi Zhang, Jet Li. A man tells an ancient Chinese ruler the story of how he defeated the ruler's enemies. (1:40) MAX Fri 2:05 p.m. "Hitch" +++ (2005, Comedy) Eva Mendes, Will Smith. While helping his latest client, a professional date doctor falls for a journalist. (2:30) E! Sun 7:35 a.m. E! Sun 11:55 p.m. LIFE Fri 4 p.m. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" ++++ (2005, Sci-Fi) Mos Def, Martin Freeman. Arthur escapes from Earth seconds before it is destroyed to make way for a space highway. (1:50) MAX Tue 5:10 p.m. "Hocus Pocus" +++ (1993, Comedy) Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler. Three 17th century witches are accidentally conjured into the 20th century on Halloween. (2:00) Freeform Thu 8 p.m. Freeform Sat 4:10 p.m. "Honeysuckle Rose" +++ (1980, Drama) Amy Irving, Willie Nelson. A country-western star falls in love with a young guitar player. (2:15) TCM Sun 12:30 p.m. "Hook" +++ (1991, Fantasy) Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams. A grown- up Peter Pan must return to Neverland to rescue his kids from Captain Hook. (3:15) SYFY Sun 10 p.m. SYFY Mon 2:16 p.m. SYFY Sat 11:50 a.m. "Horrible Bosses 2" +++ (2014, Comedy) Charlie Day, Jason Bateman. Three working stiffs plan to kidnap and ransom the adult son of a slick investor. (2:15) TBS Sat 7:45 p.m. "House on Haunted Hill" +++ (1958, Mystery) Carol Ohmart, Vincent Price. A sinister man pays several enemies $10,000 to spend the night in his mansion. (1:30) TCM Fri 10 p.m. "How to Train Your Dragon" ++++ (2010, Adventure) Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel. A young Viking forms a friendship with a dragon that he initially attempted to slay. (2:15) NICK Sun 7:30 a.m. "The Hunt for Red October" +++ (1990, Action) Alec Baldwin, Sean Connery. A Soviet nuclear subma - rine captain plans to defect to the U.S. during its maiden voyage. (2:15) SHOW Mon 1:45 p.m. TMC Thu 7 p.m. SHOW Sat 11:30 a.m. I "I Can Only Imagine" +++ (2018, Drama) Dennis Quaid, J. Michael Finley. The untold true story behind one of contemporary Christian music's biggest hit songs. (2:30) CMT Sat 11 a.m. F "Fatal Attraction" +++ (1987, Thriller) Glenn Close, Michael Douglas. A man's life is destroyed when his one-night-stand's love for him becomes obsessive. (2:03) STZ ENC Wed 11:12 p.m. STZ ENC Thu 7:52 a.m. STZ ENC Thu 5:57 p.m. "Fences" +++ (2016, Drama) Viola Davis, Denzel Washington. In 1950s Pittsburgh, a former Negro League player attempts to come to terms with his life. (3:00) TNT Sun 9 p.m. "Field of Dreams" +++ (1989, Drama) James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner. After hearing voices, a farmer constructs a mystical base - ball diamond in his cornfield. (2:00) SHOW Thu 6 a.m. "Five Feet Apart" +++ (2019, Drama) Cole Sprouse, Haley Lu Richardson. Teenagers suffering from cystic fibrosis fall for one another at a hospital. (2:00) TMC Fri 7:30 a.m. "Flight of the Phoenix" +++ (2004, Action) Tyrese, Dennis Quaid. Plane crash survivors in the desert must rebuild their plane in order to survive. (1:53) HBO Mon 7:35 a.m. "The Fountainhead" +++ (1949, Drama) Patricia Neal, Gary Cooper. An architect battles corrupt business interests and his love for a married woman. (2:00) TCM Mon 3:15 p.m. "Four Brothers" +++ (2005, Action) Tyrese Gibson, Mark Wahlberg. Four brothers reunite to track down their adoptive mother's killer. (2:30) PRMT Sat 2:30 p.m. PRMT next Sat 12:30 a.m. "The French Connection" +++ (1971, Crime Story) Roy Scheider, Gene Hackman. A maverick New York City detective tries to stop an international heroin smuggling ring. (1:46) STZ ENC Sun 11:11 a.m. STZ ENC Sun 8 p.m. "Frequency" +++ (2000, Sci-Fi) James Caviezel, Dennis Quaid. A radio link allows a son to travel back in time to save his father's life. (2:00) HBO Thu 11:30 a.m. "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives" +++ (1986, Horror) Jennifer Cooke, Thom Matthews. Tommy Jarvis tries to destroy Jason Voorhees' remains, but accidentally resurrects him. (2:00) SYFY Tue 1:15 a.m. SYFY Wed 6:30 a.m. "Frozen" +++ (2013, Family) Voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell. A princess sets out to end an icy spell accidentally cast by her sis - ter, the Queen. (2:30) Freeform Sun 6:25 p.m. G "Ghostbusters" +++ (1984, Comedy) Harold Ramis, Bill Murray. Three parapsychologists open a ghost removal business in New York. (2:30) Freeform Sat 9 a.m. "Ghostbusters II" +++ (1989, Comedy) Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray. A team of ghost chasers must save New York from an evil spirit that resides in a portrait. (2:35) Freeform Sat 11:30 a.m. "The Girl He Left Behind" +++ (1956, Comedy) Natalie Wood, Tab Hunter. A spoiled young man is whipped into shape after he is draft - ed into the military. (2:00) TCM Wed 5 a.m. "Gladiator" +++ (2000, Epic) Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Crowe. A Advance Pest Control 2 x 2 TAKE 5 Solution on page T23 Use the clues above and beside the grid to fill in the squares MOVIES a young girl with similar abilities from a cult. (2:35) HBO Fri 5:25 p.m. "Dodsworth" ++++ (1936, Romance) Ruth Chatterton, Walter Huston. An American tycoon and his wife tour Europe, where he re- evaluates his life. (2:00) TCM Thu 11 p.m. "A Dog's Journey" +++ (2019, Comedy/Drama) Kathryn Prescott, Henry Lau. A dog learns the pur- pose of his life through the humans he encounters over the years. (2:00) TMC Tue 10 a.m. "Don't Make Waves" +++ (1967, Comedy) Claudia Cardinale, Tony Curtis. A tourist nearly drowns in the ocean and later falls in love with the woman who saved him. (1:45) TCM Sun 10:45 a.m. "Dracula" ++++ (1931, Horror) Helen Chandler, Bela Lugosi. A Transylvanian vampire named Dracula preys on an unsuspecting group of Londoners. (1:30) TCM Fri 7 p.m. "Dragnet" +++ (1987, Comedy) Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd. A ser- geant's nephew and partner set out to thwart a maniacal group of hedo- nistic zealots. (1:55) TMC Tue 5:05 a.m. "Dream House" +++ (2011, Thriller) Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig. Upon moving into their new home, a family learns the brutal truth about the former owners. (1:35) MAX Mon 10:50 p.m. E "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" +++ (1982, Sci-Fi) Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas. A young boy forms a special bond with a stranded alien and tries to help him return home. (2:33) SYFY Mon 11:43 a.m. "Edward Scissorhands" +++ (1990, Fantasy) Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp. A young man with scissors for hands struggles to adapt to suburban life. (1:48) STZ ENC Mon 5:12 p.m. STZ ENC Tue 12:33 p.m. "Emma" +++ (1996, Romance) Jeremy Northam, Gwyneth Paltrow. A young woman who plays match- maker for others is unable to recog- nize her own feelings. (2:00) HBO Thu 7:45 a.m. HBO Fri 5:45 a.m. "Enemy" +++ (2014, Mystery) Melanie Laurent, Jake Gyllenhaal. A detached university lecturer sees a minor actor in a movie who is his exact double. (1:35) TMC Wed 11 p.m. "The English Patient" ++++ (1996, Romance) Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fiennes. A Canadian nurse tries to piece together the history of a badly injured pilot. (2:50) HBO Tue 3 a.m. "Executive Suite" +++ (1954, Drama) Barbara Stanwyck, William Holden. A store executive's sudden death results in a fierce power struggle over his replacement. (2:00) TCM Sun 5 p.m. "The Expendables 2" +++ (2012, Action) Liam Hemsworth, Sylvester Stallone. A man is approached by a member of the CIA and sent on a mission to locate an object. (2:30) PRMT Wed 12:30 a.m. PRMT Sat 9:30 a.m. PRMT Sat 10 p.m. continued from page T8 continued on page T22 Rogers 479-636-5590 • Springdale 479-756-1788 Eureka Springs 479-253-8967 www.advancepestcontrolnwa.com Taking care of your termite, pest control, and lawn care needs Winner SERVING NORTHWEST ARKANSAS SINCE 1981 We Focus on Fertilization, Weed Control and Pre-Emergents FAMILY OWNED

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