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September 22, 2020

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM SEPTEMBER 23-29, 2020 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication The Continuing Crisis Government restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 have had no effect on a growing trend on the island of Okinawa, Japan, called "rojo-ne" (literally, sleeping on the road), which local authorities blame on the island's balmy weather and people's habit of overindulging in "awamori," a traditional rice-based liquor. Oki- nawa police had fielded more than 2,700 reports of rojo-ne in just the first six months of 2020, The Guard- ian reported, putting the island on pace to match last year's 7,000 re- ported incidents, which resulted in 16 accidents and three deaths. The Entrepreneurial Spirit The Associated Press reports that a company in Toyko called Kow- agarasetai, which roughly trans- lates to Scare Squad, has launched a drive-thru haunted house that allows patrons to socially distance from its "zombies" while getting a good fright. With customers safely sealed inside their cars, the zombies do their best to scare the occupants, draping themselves over the cars and smearing them with fake blood. "The distance (between customers and cast) has actually gotten shorter since there is only a window between them," said Daichi Ono, a cast member. The zombies then helpfully clean the cars when the 13-minute show is over. Happy Ending Residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have been cheered re- cently by the unexpected presence of a corn stalk growing up through a crack in the pavement at a busy intersection. Dubbed the 57th Street Corn, the stalk had its own Twitter account and was hailed as a symbol of resiliency and hope in hard times; Mayor Paul TenHaken called it "amaizing." But on Aug. 19, the Argus Leader reported, neighbors found the plant had been ripped from the ground over- night, prompting sorrow on social media and a flower memorial. "I didn't want to see her story end like that," said resident Chad Theisen. Together with his children, Theisen rescued the corn stalk, renamed it Cornelia and is nursing it back to health in a 5-gallon bucket. He hopes to find a permanent home for Cornelia, now a local celebrity, with the city's help. Question: Do you think there's any way Netflix could reverse its cancellation of "Greenhouse Academy," or maybe an- other network could pick it up? —Joe Matt Roush: Highly doubtful. It usu- ally works the other way, for Netflix to come to the rescue of a prematurely canceled series. Netflix has a history of dropping shows after three or four seasons, and they're less in the habit of reversing course. Question: Sometimes I would see com- mercials on Paramount for a show called "Coyote," starring Michael Chiklis. Do you know when it will premiere? —Marques Matt Roush: It's still in the pipeline, but no air date yet. It's the same with a lot of broadcast. Add this to the long list of shows currently in limbo. Let's all hope for a return to some kind of normal in 2021. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to the "Bold And the Beautiful" for hitting the jackpot with its latest love triangle. Ever since its 1987 debut, the CBS soap has played romantic roulette with fashionista Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), so we are all-in on the Vegas shocker that saw her main man, Ridge, (orsten Kaye) marry opportunist Shauna (Denise Richards). Jeers to Sarah Paulson Surplus e actress is a national treasure, but with the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" prequel "Ratched" on Netflix, her movie "Run" due to hit Hulu and new seasons of FX's "American Horror Story" and "American Crime Story" in the pipeline, we're worried about burnout. Someone, please make sure she's get- ting enough rest! Jeers to "Love Island" for being awash in stupid. We thought the dumbest thing about Season 2 was that a show with "Island" in the title was actually set in a Vegas resort...until Cely questioned whether Virginia was a real state. And don't even get us started on Hot Connor thinking women were turned off by his looks. ARIES - March 21/April 20 Professional prospects are excellent this week, Aries. You have all the bargaining power you need to ask for a raise or to land a job if you are ready to change companies. TAURUS - April 21/May 21 Taurus, a dilemma confronts you and your romantic partner this week. Approach it straightforward as a team and the problem will soon be solved. GEMINI - May 22/June 21 Gemini, money may be more plentiful for you this week for a variety of reasons. Rather than spending it freely, invest these funds wisely and enjoy a rainy day in the future. CANCER - June 22/July 22 e support of a friend or loved one can help you overcome a setback, Cancer. is heart - felt bond will only strengthen as this person helps you along. LEO - July 23/Aug. 23 Leo, if you focus on positive energy, a stronger and healthier version of yourself is possible. It won't happen overnight, but expect some changes soon enough. VIRGO - Aug. 24/Sept. 22 Your artistic side is just waiting to pop out, Virgo. e universe has gifted you with nimble and capable hands and you're apt to create things that inspire others. LIBRA - Sept. 23/Oct. 23 Libra, you may need to retreat from the spotlight for a little bit and nurture yourself. is can only be done in the privacy and comfort of your home base. SCORPIO - Oct. 24/Nov. 22 Scorpio, being positive can help you attract money, love, luck and quality company. Make mindful and positive choices and others will soon gravitate toward you. SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 23/Dec. 21 Sagittarius, your financial future could be greatly improved with a lucrative job that seems to be coming your way. is opportunity can enable you to indulge in some luxury. CAPRICORN - Dec. 22/Jan. 20 Capricorn, this is a big week for you that is marked by major planetary energy. is could translate into a boost in your love life or another positive change. AQUARIUS - Jan. 21/Feb. 18 Aquarius, with all of the time you have been spending at home lately, you may want to consider a remodeling project. Embrace your inner interior designer. PISCES - Feb. 19/March 20 Start speaking with people who share your values, Pisces. You can expand your group of friends and make some lifelong relation- ships. M A G A Z I N E b y , f o r & a b o u t Fayeeville Women

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