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ED Magazine September 2020 19 ExoticDancer.com How do you help clubs combat chargebacks? ChargeSavvy was specifically designed by people in the industry to help clubs not only fight, but win, chargebacks. For years the whole process of just taking the steps to protect yourself against chargebacks was and still remains a nightmare for some businesses. Just to collect the information needed you must ask the customer for their ID and credit card and then the server then has to run off to a copy machine and make copies. While that is happening, instead of the customer relaxing and enjoying themselves, their attention is on who has their card and when will they be back. As a gentlemen's club, your job is to sell "The Experience." When a customer is wondering if their information is safe, that is not the experience you want them having. It is kind of like a DJ playing a slow song at midnight on a Friday night, the mood is lost. ChargeSavvy is so much more than just your secret weapon in the war on winning chargebacks. First off, it speeds up the process of secure datafile collection. With ChargeSavvy the waitress can just simply walk to the nearest discrete location, snap a picture on the iPad, have the customer sign, and in seconds you're done. You've just taken a process that previously took on average 10 to 15 minutes to complete, down to a matter of seconds. Not only are you able to capture the data files of their ID in seconds, you are also capturing the images of your customer while they are signing and tipping. We even take it a step further by time-stamping and geo-stamping, showing when and where this transaction was performed. Due to the speed of our system your customer is less distracted. You have in seconds captured all the information required to win your chargebacks and your server is free to move on to the next table, which results in more sales for your club and "The Experience" can continue. With ChargeSavvy, all encrypted data files are stored digitally in the cloud. You now have all the valuable information to fight and win your chargebacks at your fingertips from any computer as well as on your iPad. No more paper copies, no more digging through boxes of to find the information to fight your chargebacks. Not to mention you can fight your chargebacks in seconds from any computer. What piece of advice do you have clubs to avoid them? Unless you have a good defense such as ChargeSavvy, avoiding chargebacks is nearly impossible unless you refuse to take credit cards altogether. We all know that's not possible. In my experience from speaking with owners throughout the US, no matter how well trained you feel your staff may be, the people who are disputing charges on a regular basis are getting smarter in their reasons. Not to mention the credit card companies are not on the establishments side, especially a gentlemen's club when it comes to one of their customers disputing a charge. ChargeSavvy is now seven years strong in this battle against chargebacks and our customers can attest to the amount of money we have saved them by providing the tools necessary to win their chargebacks. I personally used the system for over a year in a very busy gentlemen's club before I came to work at ChargeSavvy. I loved the system. As a manager I had the piece of mind knowing that if my staff were properly trained to use the system, I didn't have to worry about my boss calling me over a charge. Nothing makes an owner happier than knowing their money is protected. What's a chargeback horror story you have from a client? There are so many that our customers have experienced before using ChargeSavvy, it's hard to pinpoint just one. I would rather tell you my experience when our establishment first got ChargeSavvy. We had a guy probably in his mid 20's come in with an AMEX Black Card. He repeatedly was buying rooms and bottles of champagne for a few hours. He was giving the bottles away and drinking Wisen up when it comes to chargebacks with ChargeSavvy

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