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F rom our founding on October 3, 1948, to today, Alpha Sigma Chapter has been a staple of Bradley University's Greek community and a home away from home for generations of brothers. At the heart of our brotherhood are the members of our collegiate chapter who help maintain Alpha Sigma's pristine status on campus. Today, our active brothers face rising costs of tuition, textbooks, and other college-related expenses that may restrict their ability to participate in organizations like Theta Xi. If we wish for Alpha Sigma to maintain its strong presence and status on campus, we must ensure that qualified members feel secure in their financial future by providing merit-based scholarships in conjunction with a competitive living environment. $500,000 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Through careful planning and consideration, Alpha Sigma alumni and undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Theta Xi experience on Bradley's campus. A dedicated scholarship fund through the Theta Xi Foundation has been growing since 2006. Since 2011, we have awarded over 60 scholarships to qualified brothers totaling $95,975. While this is a great start, we want to provide more for our undergraduate brothers. With that said, we are excited to announce the $500,000 Building on Our Past, Securing Our Future capital campaign. Through these funds, we will be able to award $25,000 annually to undergraduate brothers, growing in perpetuity. OUR PLAN FOR ALPHA SIGMA This $500,000 fund also allows us to consider the future for our beloved chapter house on 1317 W. Fredonia Ave. We intend to borrow $250,000 from the Theta Xi Foundation to complete renovations at the chapter facility. This will not only provide a competitive edge for Theta Xi, but will provide a home suited to the ever-changing needs of today's college student. Here are just a few of the renovations we hope to complete: • Install new roof, updated plumbing and electrics, and four new furnaces • Upgrade to a commercial kitchen, adding a meal plan and brotherhood dining experience • Add a drop ceiling in the Chapter Room to make it more aesthetically pleasing • Update the Alumni Room/Scholarship Room • Update bathrooms, showers, and individual rooms to fit modern student needs HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT ALPHA SIGMA Alpha Sigma's alumni leadership is ready to take on this vital project, but we cannot do it without you. Early commitments from 70 alumni and friends have raised $363,176. This is an impressive start, and now we need your assistance to reach or exceed our campaign goal of $500,000. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information on how you can be a part of this vital campaign. This is a time to reflect on your Theta Xi experience. Remember the impact this brotherhood has had on you and imagine how this chapter will affect future brothers. Alpha Sigma has given each of us an unforgettable experience; it is our duty to honor our membership and invest in the future of Theta Xi at Bradley. Yours in the Bonds, Craig Janus '00 Campaign Board Chairman (314) 435-4495 | THE TAXI NEWS ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF THETA XI • BRADLEY UNIVERSITY SUMMER 2020 Building The Theta Xi Legacy Alpha Sigma Announces $500,000 Campaign - $363,176 Already Committed! Join the Tim Bender '82 Matching Challenge PROGRAM DETAILS • Tim Bender '82 will match dollar for dollar, any money raised into the Alpha Sigma Scholarship Endowment at the Theta Xi Foundation with the following qualifications: • Must be an Alpha Sigma Chapter alumnus who attended Bradley University at any point in time between September 1978 and May 1982 • Dollars must be deposited at the Theta Xi Foundation before November 30, 2020 • Match will be fulfilled by December 31, 2020 • This match will have no upper limit on the amount Please consider this matching opportunity as you support the Building on Our Past, Securing Our Future - The Legacy of Alpha Sigma capital campaign. Below you will find a list of contributors to this match campaign so far. We hope we can add your name to this list and inspire other brothers to participate in the support of our Alpha Sigma Chapter collegiate brothers! Participating Brothers Doug Babel '82 David Turner '82 Daniel Parker '83 A s part of the Building on Our Past, Securing Our Future - The Legacy of Alpha Sigma capital campaign, Campaign Board Member Tim Bender '82 has offered a challenge to his brothers. His intention is to grow this campaign's potential impact on Alpha Sigma Chapter members through a matching campaign to grow the funds from men in his era. Quentin Sullivan '84 Brad Beutlich '85 Chris Houle '85

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