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August 18, 2020

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM AUGUST 19-25, 2020 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Recent alarming headline A headline in the Ken-Ton Bee in Kenmore, New York, caught the atten- tion of The Buffalo News: "Leprechaun spotted looting cars on Hamilton Boule- vard." Kenmore Police Capt. A.J. Kiefer said a white male with orange hair and wearing a green shirt (and "possibly plaid pants") was reported to be looting vehicles on the street. Police arrested the 36-year-old, who measured 5 feet 11 inches and had someone else's debit card, but no pot of gold, according to Kiefer. He was charged with petit larceny. Government in action About 176 Rhode Island taxpayers waiting for their refund checks got a sur- prise when they received checks bearing the signatures of "Mickey Mouse" and "Walt Disney" instead of state officials. State Department of Revenue chief of staff Jade Borgeson told WPRI that the division of taxation uses the signatures on dummy checks for internal testing, and the test image files were mistakenly added to real checks. "Corrected checks will be reissued to impacted taxpayers within one week," Borgeson said. Karen not Karen Domino's pizza restaurants in New Zealand were forced to end a promo- tion to give free pizza to women named Karen "that aren't, well, Karens," the announcement read. United Press International reported that customers named Karen were invited to fill out an application for one of 100 free pizzas, but people objected online, suggest- ing the chain offer food to minorities or people who have been impacted by COVID-19. "We wanted to bring a smile to customers who are doing the right thing — Karen the nurse, Karen the teacher," the company posted on Facebook, but "people interpreted this in a different way." Nature calls An Amazon delivery driver in Nuthall, Nottingham, England, is out of a job after Sharon Smith, 53, discovered him defecating in her back garden. Smith saw the man run toward her garden and went to investigate. "I asked what the heck he was doing," Smith told Metro News, "and he just remained pooing whilst asking me what my problem was — the cheek of it." The driver told police he wasn't feeling well and was desper- ate, and he didn't realize he was in a pri- vate garden. Smith agreed to not press charges as long as he cleaned up the mess and his employer was informed; Amazon promised a gift voucher as a goodwill gesture. Question: CBS's "Mom" has consis- tently been one of the strongest sitcoms for the past seven years, centering hu- mor with real-life issues of addiction and its impact on family. Going into its eighth season, most of the charac- ters seem to be finally transitioning into relatively more stable lives. Any inside scoop on whether the show will end after this upcoming season on a relatively high note? — Mark Matt Roush: I've received a flurry of pertinent questions about "Mom," which happens to be one of my favor- ite current sitcoms as well. While the eighth season is the second year of a two-season renewal, this is not neces- sarily going to be the final season, and I hope it isn't. "Mom" is hardly running out of gas, and if the stars are willing and the economics make sense, there's no reason it won't go on for at least a few more years. Even if this is the be- ginning of the end, I have no informa- tion on what's on the horizon for these characters. But I will say that while the show has always juggled pathos and tragedy among its jokes and comedy, I hope "Mom" eventually leaves all of its gang of survivors in a good place. Even or maybe especially poor Wendy. I ex- pect they'll all still endure hard knocks along the way, because that's the show, but I'd rather look back at it with fond- ness rather than sadness. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to "e Alienist" for mixing his- tory with mystery. Loaded with stellar talent (Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans), real-life figures and gorgeously realized recreations of 1890s New York, the TNT crime dra- ma's "Angel of Darkness" season has us hooked with its eye-opening, stomach- turning look at the birth of modern investigative techniques. It's "CSI: e Earliest Years"! Jeers to the Emmy Voters for earning themselves a spot in the Bad Place by snubbing Kristen Bell. What the fork, people? Bell was the heart and rehabil- itated soul of NBC's "e Good Place" and her work in the afterlife comedy's final season was simply divine and worthy of a nomination. You don't need to be Chidi to figure out this logic. ARIES - March 21/April 20 Aries, you feel a desire to be of service to others. Humanitarian tendencies are a trait that you should be proud to display. Keep up all of the good work. TAURUS - April 21/May 21 Taurus, if you have been seeking a romantic partner you may fall in love over the next few days. For those who are in relationships, the bonds of love only grow stronger. GEMINI - May 22/June 21 Several powerful events have the potential to improve the positive energy surrounding you, Gemini. Bask in this warmth and the good news it is likely to bring. CANCER - June 22/July 22 Cancer, you may meet some new people who can introduce you to some other new and influential people. It is always benefi- cial to expand your network. LEO - July 23/Aug. 23 Some exciting experiences are coming your way this week, Leo. You may discover a talent you didn't know you had, or you may involve yourself in a creative endeavor. VIRGO - Aug. 24/Sept. 22 Virgo, you usually approach situations rationally and scientifically, but sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind. You might be surprised with the results. LIBRA - Sept. 23/Oct. 23 Libra, this week you may be feeling more intuitive than ever before. It may seem like you have psychic abilities. Pick up on the feelings and bits of information coming. SCORPIO - Oct. 24/Nov. 22 Scorpio, now is the right time to be more idealistic. Embrace that mood. Put your energy toward being sensitive to social and political conditions and get your voice heard. SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 23/Dec. 21 Business and money are going well for you, Sagittarius. You might be thinking in terms of making a big career change or even start- ing your own business. CAPRICORN - Dec. 22/Jan. 20 You may be inclined to be more spiritual or metaphysical in the days to come, Capri- corn. Explore all avenues of higher think- ing, especially if you find it calming. AQUARIUS - Jan. 21/Feb. 18 Aquarius, you tend to be sensitive to the feel- ings of others, and this is a good approach that will serve you and others in various ways. Maintain this sense of compassion. PISCES - Feb. 19/March 20 You tend to see those people closest to you in their best light, Pisces. Encourage them to do the same if a situation arises that requires it. Product not available in all states. Includes the Participating Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/ certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call 1-888-799-4433 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN). 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