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sPONsOR CONteNt When you or your partner experience male infertility, you want answers and prompt results. Success-driven reproductive endocrinologists direct our infertility clinic, providing comprehensive male fertility exams. If you are concerned about male infertility, or suffer from erectile dysfunction, our infertility clinic can find a solution. Identifying the causes of male infertility will involve semen analysis as well as a physical exam and review of your complete health history. Tulsa Infertility Center is one of the few in the area that offers complete care for male infertility. Our in-house andrology laboratory, directed by J. Kevin Thibodeaux, Ph.D., is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Your health history may raise red flags that will direct the diagnostic process. Drs. Stanley G. Prough or Shauna McKinney, both board certified ob-gyns, and fellowship trained reproductive endocrinologists, will also ask about lifestyle and habits that interfere with your ability to conceive. The good news is that simple lifestyle changes can often make a tremendous difference in your fertility potential. Semen analysis can reveal much about male infertility. Our infertility center coordinates the semen analysis process, from collection point to results reports. Our male fertility specialists will study the results, paying close attention to hallmarks of male factor infertility. After analyzing results of your physical exam, semen analysis and health history, Dr. Prough or Dr. McKinney will either recommend moving forward with treatment options such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization, or suggest sperm harvesting or epididymal aspiration. Tulsa Fertility Center has a long history of providing innovative, successful male infertility treatments for patients in the Tulsa, Joplin and Bentonville areas. Contact our infertility center and the team that has helped bring hundreds of babies into the world since 1988. Fast-forward to at our Infertility Clinic Fatherhood The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says men are 33 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. Many men don't feel the need to visit a doctor unless there is something that is causing problems that can no longer be ignored. By the time men see a physician, the window of opportunity to screen for early health problems may already have passed, and now it becomes essential to treat complications of a disease. Visiting your physician for an annual checkup is a simple – and essential – step to keeping your self healthy. Why, then, do some men refuse to go to the doctor regularly? Here are 10 reasons why many men skip this important appointment, according to the American Heart Association. (And, more importantly, 10 ways to counter those reasons and get yourself or a person you care about to see a doctor.) 1 "I don't have a doctor." Step one toward staying healthy is finding a doctor you trust. But you'll never know if you trust one unless you try. Check your insurance company or local listings for doctors in your area. Call their offices and ask questions, or check around online. It's also a good idea to check with friends and family for recommended doctors. 2 "I don't have insurance." Everybody should have insurance under the Affordable Care Act. For more information, go to 3 "There's probably nothing wrong." You may be right but … you're not a doctor. That's why you need one, to be sure. Some serious diseases don't have symptoms. High blood pressure is one, and it can cause heart attack and stroke. (That's why they call it "the silent killer.") High cholesterol is another often symptomless condition. Ditto diabetes. Finding a health problem early can make a huge difference in the quality and length of your life. 4 "I don't have time." There are about 8,766 hours in a year, and you want to save … two? When those two hours could save your life if you really DO need a doctor? If you want to spend more time with your family, these two hours aren't the ones to lose. 5 "I don't want to spend the money." It makes more sense to spend a little and save a lot than to save a little and spend a lot. If you think spending time with a doctor is expensive, try spending time in a hospital. 6 "Doctors don't DO anything." When you see a barber, you get a haircut. When you see the dentist, your teeth get cleaned. But when you get a checkup, the doctor just gives you tests. It may seem like you don't get anything, but you do. You get news and knowledge that can bring better health, if you act on it. 7 "I don't want to hear what I might be told." Maybe you smoke, drink too much, have put on weight. Even so, your doctor's there to help you. You can deny your reality, but you can't deny the consequences. So be smart: Listen to someone who'll tell you truths you need to hear. Be coachable. 8 "I've got probe-a-phobia." You don't need a prostate cancer exam until you're 50. Even then, remember that your chances of survival are much better if it's caught early. So it's worth the exam. But it's only one small portion of a physical. Don't let one test stop you from getting all the benefits of an annual physical. 9 "I'd rather tough it out." If pro athletes can play hurt and sacrifice themselves for the team, you ought to be able to suck it up, right? Wrong! The Game of Life is about staying healthy for a long time – a lifetime. 10 "My significant other has been nagging me to get a checkup." OK, so you don't want to give in. But isn't it POSSIBLE you could be wrong? Give in on this one. See the doctor. When it comes down to it, there are no good reasons not to see the doctor, only excuses. Don't wait. Schedule your annual physical today. Reasons Men Put Off Doctor Visits Top 10 suNDAY, JulY 26 | August - MeN's HeAltH WWW.NWADg.COM/YOuAtYOuRBest | YOu At YOuR Best | 5 Ad Number: 072620e5341 Can't get pregnant? We'll get to the bottom of it. Hope Starts Here InfertIlIty • fertIlIty treatment • IVf • Donor Program telehealth & eVenIng aPPoIntments aVaIlable neW PatIent cash DIscount Call 918.359.2229 (BABY) for an appointment today! 115 e 15th street • tulsa, oK

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