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July 07, 2020

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4 UCW JULY 8-15, 2020 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM STAFF PUBLISHER Bill Bowman Bill@upandcomingweekly.com ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Stephanie Crider editor@upandcomingweekly.com OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Paulette Naylor accounting@upandcomingweekly.com EDITOR Jenna Shackelford jenna@upandcomingweekly.com HOPE MILLS AND SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR Earl Vaughan Jr. EarlUCWSports@gmail.com REPORTER Jeff Thompson news@upandcomingweekly.com GRAPHIC DESIGNER Elizabeth Baker art@upandcomingweekly.com MARKETING ASSOCIATES Linda McAlister Brown linda@upandcomingweekly.com DISTRIBUTION MANAGER/SALES ADMINISTRATOR Laurel Handforth laurel@upandcomingweekly.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS D.G. Martin, Pitt Dickey, Margaret Dickson, Karl Merritt, John Hood, Jim Jones, Shanessa Fenner, Prudence Mainor, Avery Powers, Crissy Neville ––––––––––– Up & Coming Weekly www.upandcomingweekly.com 208 Rowan St. P.O. Box 53461 Fayetteville, NC 28305 PHONE: 910-484-6200 FAX: 910-484-9218 Up & Coming Weekly is a "Quality of Life" publication with local features, news and information on what's happening in and around the Fayetteville/Cumberland County community. Up & Coming Weekly is published weekly on Wednesdays. Up & Coming Weekly welcomes manuscripts, photographs and artwork for publication consideration, but assumes no responsibility for them. We cannot accept responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts or material. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject copy submitted for publication. Up & Coming Weekly is free of charge and distributed at indoor and outdoor locations throughout Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base, Hope Mills and Spring Lake. Readers are limited to one copy per person. © 2020 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisements without permission is strictly prohibited. Various ads with art graphics designed with elements from: vecteezy.com and freepik.com. PUBLISHER'S PEN ese are crazy times. So much upheaval. So many changes. So much anger. So much fear. And not enough love and under- standing. ere is no escaping the protests, tension, hostility, chanting, hypocrisy and unethical partisan political maneuver- ing in Fayetteville, Raleigh, our great state of North Carolina and throughout America. It feels like the America I've lived in and loved for the past seven decades is turning into a country of contradictions where bad means good, illegal has no meaning at all, police are treated as criminals and the criminals are innocent, misunderstood and righteous souls. It's where shootings and murder are accepted and criminals run rampant. e burning of cities and looting of businesses and destroying personal property are time-tested antidotes to improving humanity. I have heard from many of our readers who share the same frustration. I understand their concerns and feel their hurt. ese kinds of dire thoughts and worries carry a tremendous amount of parental anguish and guilt. We ask: What kind of America will we be leaving our children and grandchildren? So, to all the parents and grandparents out there struggling with these concerns, please know you are not alone. is may help. Below, I have reprinted a letter written by a loving father to his child. It contains a message that speaks volumes for many par- ents in our community who want to provide reassurance to their adult children that they love and support them while reaffirming traditional family values, convictions and lifestyles. As parents, they did the best they could. Now, out of respect, they will not interfere with their child's family or future. ey will remain the same loving and supportive parents they've always been. Enjoy, and thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. e Letter Names and places have been changed. is could be any city or town in the country. Dear child, Your mom and I are very concerned for you and your family's safety in Seattle. With a call for unfunding the police on the ho- rizon, it's only a matter of time before the outrage, carnage and lawlessness cross into your private neighborhood with no one to protect you and your family. is concerns us very much. e "peaceful" CHOP community downtown presents itself as the near-perfect sneak preview of what life will actually be like in an idealistic, lawless, Marxist and socialistic America. At this writing, two more young, Black teenagers were shot dead last night. You both are young and successful professionals and have worked extremely hard for what you have. You have given us a beautiful grandchild who has their whole joyful and innocent life ahead of them. Please, don't put your careers on hold or your lives in jeopardy chasing an idealistic utopia that will never come to be. Seattle, New York City, Baltimore and Detroit are all casualties of this madness, and they will not recover any time soon, if ever. Your mother and I prepared you for the real world by expos- ing you to real-life situations and teaching you honorable values — especially those that relate to honesty, decency, integrity and humanity. is new idealistic and destructive cancel culture movement aims to stamp out and eliminate the very environment you were brought up in — the same environment that made you a success- ful and confident adult, a devoted spouse and the caring and loving parent you are today. Once canceled, what will replace it? Rest assured, we do not want to run your life or tell you what to do or believe. We raised you to the best of our ability, and we are truly impressed with the person you have become. We are so very proud of you! Our only wish is for you and your family to be happy and safe and to continue to love us. However, please do not judge us or fault us for not renouncing our government or our way of life, for not taking a knee during the national anthem and for not apologizing for honoring and loving the only America we have ever known. Love you always! Dad Living in crazy times: The Letter by BILL BOWMAN BILL BOWMAN, Publisher, UP & COMING WEEKLY. COM- MENTS? BILL@upandcomin- gweekly.com. 910-484-6200. HIGH HIGH 91 91 LOW LOW 73 73 HIGH HIGH 92 92 HIGH HIGH 91 91 HIGH HIGH 93 93 HIGH HIGH 90 90 LOW LOW 74 74 LOW LOW 72 72 JULY 13 JULY 12 JULY 10 JULY 14 JULY 9 THURSDAY FRIDAY SUNDAY MONDAY HIGH HIGH 87 87 LOW LOW 73 73 LOW LOW 74 74 TUESDAY LOW LOW 74 74 Thunderstorms Mostly Sunny Scattered Thunderstorms PM Thunderstorms PM Thunderstorms Mostly Sunny JULY 11 SATURDAY What kind of world will be left behind for future generations of Americans?

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