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FKQ CLONE PHI KAPPA THETA FRATERNITY n IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY n SPRING 2020 Building a Better Future for Iowa Xi Alumni Board Makes Plans for Annual Giving Campaign W e at Iowa Xi Chapter sincerely hope that you and your families are all staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. Our thoughts and prayers extend to all of our members as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is certainly something none of us have ever seen, and we hope that everyone is doing well physically, mentally, and financially as this has affected so many people in different ways. The Pride in Our Past, Foundation for Our Future campaign officially concluded five years ago and was comprised of five-year pledges. We have received $571,456.78 of the original $645,307.55 pledged, for a collection rate of 88.6%. Obviously, we are very pleased with the amount that we have received and believe there will be some more money coming in this year that will hopefully move us over the 90% benchmark. For those of you who have completed your pledges, thank you. And, for those of you who are still working on it, thank you too. We have had members reach out to change or cancel their pledges/remaining balances as their financial situations have changed over the years, a situation we totally understand and we thank you for keeping us informed so that we do not continue to send unnecessary payment reminders. If any of you would still like to change your remaining balance pledged or payment schedule, please contact me so I can update our records. We just want to extend a sincere thank-you for your generosity and building Iowa Xi back up to what we have today. This is something for which we all should be proud of as alumni. So now the question is this: how do we fully transition from campaign giving into annual giving for Iowa Xi? Over the past few years, we have tried to select a specific project (network for internet access, dishwasher for the kitchen, resurfacing the parking lot, etc.) for fundraising. We received some generous alumni donations to these causes, which is appreciated. Now that the campaign pledges are complete, we hope to increase our annual giving. We plan on continuing transparency with how funds are being used (I'm sure you noticed the financial update in the last XiClone), as well as the needs of Iowa Xi. As a start, we will recognize alumni who made a donation for 2019 and will establish giving tier levels to use moving forward. We also hope that the work being done on the Victor Gift Committee will inspire other brothers to consider making a legacy gift to Iowa Xi while they are doing estate planning, just like Brother Jim Victor '68. This is an exciting time to be part of Iowa Xi as there are a lot of different alumni and undergraduate groups working together to improve the brotherhood. Engagement by alumni is soaring. Please enjoy this edition of the XiClone and reach out if you are interested in joining our efforts. The last lines from our ritual comes to mind: Praeses: "Brothers of Phi Kappa Theta, let us be faithful." All: "With the help of God, let us be faithful unto death." In the bonds, Paul D. Peterson '01 Alumni Board Vice President COVID-19 UpDate O n March 18, Iowa State University announced that all coursework would continue via virtual instruction in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. All students were required to remotely access lectures, assignments, and exams for the remainder of the spring semester. The University canceled all in-person functions such as Greek Week and Commencement, and students were not allowed on campus except for essential needs. Although limited on-campus housing was available, students were strongly encouraged to return home for the remainder of the semester. One thing remains clear in this time of rapid change—the health and safety of our brothers are our top priorities. Consequently, the Iowa Xi Alumni Board made the decision to suspend all activities conducted at the chapter house. All Iowa Xi brothers living in the chapter house have been moved out aside from a core caretaker team. We appreciate how this team has stepped up at a crucial time of need for the fraternity and we commend them for their leadership during this crisis. The Iowa Xi Chapter will continue its operations in a virtual environment until the Alumni Board decides to reopen the chapter house to active members. The decision to reopen will be based on the risks posed by COVID-19 to chapter members and the general population, as well as operating guidance from Iowa State University, the city of Ames, the state of Iowa, and appropriate federal government agencies. We also ask that all alumni refrain from entering the chapter facility until further notice. Updates will be sent out and shared via Facebook as more information is made available. Stay safe brothers! Fraternally, Clayton Short '15 Alumni Board Alumni Relations Chairman (651) 440-4059 George E Hoganson '53 James E Kent '54 James M Doyle '56 Michael C Henry '58 David N Callahan Sr. '59 Donald S Smith '67 Thomas R. Havey '69 Francis L Kock '71 Michael L Canney '75 Keith A Springer '77 Joseph A Rude '81 David M McSweeney '83 Rick A Hardcopf '84 Gregory D. Stolp '84 Robert P. Homolka '86 Paul F Fisher '87 Michael J. McClellan '88 Thomas TenHoeve III '92 Timothy S Davidson '93 Shawn G Kuhlman '93 Matthew A. Van Berkum '98 Paul D. Peterson '01 Peter A. Ries '14 2019 CONTRIBUTORS T hank you to the following alumni who have given to the Iowa Xi Alumni Corporation, the national Fraternity, the PKT Foundation, or a combination of the three. Your support helps pave the way forward for our Chapter.

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