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Page 3 Pi Kappa Alpha A s is the case for most organizations in the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused things to look a lot different for Beta Phi. The Chapter House closed to residents on April 1, forcing all Chapter communication and interaction to be done virtually. While this has not been an easy transition, we are glad to do our part to ensure that we can return to campus and have life back to normal in the Chapter House in August. The cancellation of the Grand Prix race has been a major disappointment to the men of Beta Phi. Our two drivers, Jake Seyfried '20 and Will Weisbrod '21, had PIKE Motorsports looking in a positive direction after passing technical inspections with ease and having a good feeling about the speed of the carts. While Jake won't have the chance to race next year, Will and the other members of the crew are eager to start working toward a big race in 2021. COVID-19 also caused Beta Phi's spring philanthropic efforts to be diminished. We had a trivia night event planned with the women of Alpha Xi Delta, and we were greatly looking forward to hosting this in the Chapter House and raising money for Riley Children's Hospital. We were also looking into hosting a second philanthropy event, during Grand Prix week, in hopes of finishing the semester strong. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Ryan Carr '22 has used this as an opportunity to make a difference. Originally from New England, he is raising money along with friends from his hometown to support medical professionals during this difficult time. Beta Phi hosted our Chapter consultant, Paxton Crider, through a virtual visit in early April. We received great feedback on how to improve our recruitment, and we are excited to put this to work this fall as we expand our presence and recruit the best men on Purdue's campus. I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in the fall. In the bonds of ffka, Jordan Jones '21 Chapter President (574) 527-8118 purduepikepresident@gmail.com Brothers Stay Focused on Future Despite Abrupt End to Spring Semester Amid Pandemic B rian Doolittle '70 already had a good first impression of PIKE from his brother-in- law, Jim Brinsley '59, but once it came time for him to go through fraternity recruitment at Purdue, he realized there was much more to Beta Phi Chapter. Brian didn't need much convincing to move into Beta Phi's then-almost-new Chapter House after he got to know his brothers. More than 40 years after graduating from Purdue, he served as the campaign chairman to remodel the current Chapter House. While serving on the Beta Phi Foundation for 12 years, it was important to Brian that Pikes at Purdue have opportunities for service and leadership. "There's something that we call a servant leader," Brian said. "You most effectively lead people by serving them. You learn how to invest in others and, by investing in others, you will both be blessed in ways you can't even comprehend." Brian experienced the highest highs and lowest lows as an undergraduate member. He always enjoys reminiscing about the 1970 semester break trip to Acapulco with six of his brothers. But Brian also remembers attending the funerals for the four brothers who died in a car accident in 1969. Through it all he matured and remained dedicated to the fraternity. "We had fun, but sometimes there were consequences from having too much fun. They were all learning experiences. As an upperclassman, I learned how to make decisions, gain confidence, and how to lead," Brian said. "We became good friends and brothers. I continued to build on my gifts that were developed when I was an undergraduate at Purdue and have taken advantage of those gifts during my career." His career in the marketing and sales industry spanned more than 40 years, including stops at Unisys, Kirchman Corporation, Morton Metalcraft Co., and Red Lambda before retiring in 2013. Brian claims that one of his best hires was fellow Purdue Pike Ryan Raber '05 at Morton Metalcraft Co. Today Ryan is with Mayville Engineering Company, where he's the executive vice president of sales, strategy, and marketing. "I miss helping close that next big deal and particularly working with young professionals, but at the same time, I've always tried to teach balance in life," Brian said. "We even had opportunities at our company to do a noon bible study, which is a great way to grow men. I tell people if you're going to judge my career, then let it be judged by the success of the people who have worked with me." Brian continues to serve on several local boards and is an Elder at his church. Retirement has allotted him more time to travel with his wife, Julie, with whom he will celebrate 50 years of marriage later this year. "Last summer, we had the chance to go paragliding in the Swiss Alps," Brian said. "At 70, we're proving we've still got it. We're always looking for the next great adventure." One trip they always enjoy making is to Purdue to spend time with his brothers. Brian and Julie live in Morton, Illinois. You can connect with Brian at brdoo@comcast.net. Brian Doolittle '70 Proud of PIKE Roots Brian Doolittle '70 and his wife, Julie.

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