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Alpha-Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation P.O. Box 1296 Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Address Service Requested PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID KPI are partnering with Active Minds and the Jed Foundation to bring education and resources to their Chapters. Data gathered from the 2019 Healthy Minds Study found eight out of 10 university presidents ranked mental health as a higher campus priority than three years ago. Student safety is a key focus at every level of collegiate life. How We Can Help ough our members and university faculty are driving changes on campus, alumni can also make a difference. We can donate our time to the chapter as mentors and advisers, advocate for mental health initiatives in local elections, fund the House Corporation and our national organizations for additional Chapter resources, or simply be an open ear for a member in need. ere's still a long way to go in ensuring our members have everything they need for a healthy, successful college career, and alumni can make a real difference. Listening to and participating in the conversation is how we'll get there. To further educate yourself on the topic of mental health at colleges, visit the resources below. Supporting Student Health (Continued from page 1) B elow is a list of brothers for whom we do not have a valid physical mailing address. If you know someone on this list, please reach out to with updates or send updates to the address below. ank you for helping us stay connected beyond college! Alpha-Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation P.O. Box 1296 • Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Have You Been in Contact with These Lost Brothers Lately? 1950s Robert A. Gaston '50 Dolan H. Eargle '50 William W. Sims '51 Barry W. Collins '51 William E. Sanford '52 Wade C. Savage '52 John H. Clarke '54 Richard E. Brown, M.D. '54 Kurt D. Russell '54 George W. Peeler '55 Leslie G. Carr '55 William S. Fuller '56 Jan L. Hendrix '56 omas O. White '56 Charles T. Jones '57 Ernest L. Bundschuh '57 Bobby L. Austin '57 Louis M. Williams '57 omas C. McCarter '58 Alfred E. Sommers '58 Arthur G. Weiss '58 Joseph M. Favor '58 John H. Vande Mark '59 1960s Wilmer M. Jones '61 Mack A. Plant '62 Martin T. Cook '62 John L. Woods '64 Jerry W. Spruiel '65 Waymon R. Smith '65 Robert O. Beason '65 Steven P. Michael '66 Leroy J. Smith '67 Benny J. Green '67 Warren R. Salyer '67 Davidson L. Laning '67 Billy D. Shew '67 Steven E. Chambers '68 William E. Largin '68 William S. Levey '68 Robert J. Guy '68 omas E. Doughty '68 John F. Junkins '69 John D. Johnson '69 Jack W. Smith '69 1970s Richard E. Bass '70 omas E. Watson '70 Dixon Nabors '70 Joe L. Sasser '70 William M. Pate '71 Timothy P. Brunson '71 John A. Fairweather '71 Clayton H. Bargeron '71 Charles J. Willis '71 Alex B. Hunter III '72 Eric G. Ackerman '73 Paul A. Henry '73 Eduardo Valle '73 Scott T. Lawson '74 John B. Swindel '74 Ronald W. Culbreth '74 James R. Phillips '74 Jeffrey A. Simon '75 Patrick D. Hamner '76 Michael A. Perkins '76 omas P. Voorhies '76 Ray W. Barkey '76 omas M. McClelland Jr. '76 Timothy B. ompson '77 Rocky D. Knight '77 omas W. Hagood Jr. '77 omas M. Leonard '77 Tim V. Smith '78 Timothy J. Underhill '79 Hunt C. McKenzie '79 Todd M. ompson '79 Carl L. Bragan '79 1980s Charles R. Erb '80 David H. Wilton '80 Marshall F. Clark '80 James R. Mitchell '80 Gary M. Laurin '81 Kevin H. Boyer '81 Kerry L. Hawkins '81 William M. Shephard Jr. '81 John W. Pflasterer '82 Charles A. Marion II '82 Michael F. McGrath '83 Danny R. Condra '83 Gregory P. Bingham '83 Steven H. Miller '84 Michael T. Shuttlesworth '84 Phillip D. Sauer '84 William J. Ray '85 Robert C. Chisenhall III '85 John S. Gerardi '85 Timothy S. Davis '87 Andy H. Moss '87 James M. Campbell '87 John M. Marfield '87 Ronald M. Bedford '87 Steve S. Shearer '88 omas A. Gilbreath '88 Douglas L. Fuentes '89 Allen G. Long '89 Jeffrey T. Holyoak '89 John E. Hargadon '89 Christopher Gannuscio '89 1990s William M. Roberts '90 Michael E. McNeil '90 Major Eric E. Bush III '90 Richard K. Tillery Jr. '90 Capt. Frank D. Hollifield '90 William H. Withers '91 Steven P. Duke '91 William E. Seales '93 Dan W. Sullivan '94 John M. Morrison '96 William O. Durham '96 Joseph D. Horn '96 Michael M. Spayd '96 Nicolas H. Michels '96 John M. ompson '96 Patrick N. Cook '98 Justin C. Farley '99 Nicholas A. Crisler '99 Lonny R. Jackson '99 2000s Ashley A. Moorer '01 Jason B. Riztert '01 Daniel W. Banko '01 Mason K. Guiffre '01 Gus N. Carruth '01 William L. Dogan '01 Michael R. Mello '02 Brent L. ompson '04 Michael P. Barnett '05 Jerry D. McCutchen '05 Jesse L McCarty '05 Wesley R Belcher '05 Walker W. Wooldridge '05 Robert A. Lammert Jr. '05 Evan P. Moltz '05 Joseph A. "Alan" Cornelius '05 Bryan Chiodo '06 Brian Gafford '06 Derek Barker '06 Tyler Snyder '06 Joel A Reaves '06 Boomer M. Alvord '06 Hunter J. Bentley '08 Patrick J. Cady '08 Jonathan G. Castro '08 Christopher D. Sellers '08 Corey A. Tanner '08 Robert S. H. Wright '08 Ethan C. Feyt '09 2010s James J. Carroll Jr. '10 Marcus A. Castro '10 Kevin W. Kelso '10 William B. Walsh '10 Dylan C. Chandler '11 Tanner E. Olson '11 Ryan R. Anderson '11 Joseph P. Scavarda '11 Scott D. Sprick '11 Evan B. Ryland '11 Andrew D. Adams '11 Ryan T. Colaianni '12 Calvin J. Zimmerman '12 Zachary C. Temple '12 Tyler B. Hopper '12 Austin N. Hoerr '12 Austin L. Woodard '12 Joseph W. J. Benway '15 Lucas A. Bradley '15 Adam J. Brown '15 Weston F. Carter '15 Sam H. Cooper '15 Ben E. Dato '15 Samuel J. Delvecchio '15 Brian M. Fabian '15 Michael L. Gilley '15 Jonathan P. Hudwalker '15 Paul B. Kren '15 Braeden W. Krowe '15 Daniel J. La Rota '15 Edward A. Laszewicki '15 Austin T. Motter '15 Conner J. Naughton '15 Steven A. Patin '15 Enrique Pellegrin '15 Conner R. Schmeits '15 Connor D. Schobel '15 Jethro A. Torczon '15 Trey Trusevich '15 John M. Weber '15 Chet S. Weinstein '15 Brandon A. Yearick '15

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