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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 Past "AA" Larry Nothnagel, Truman State '79,— A Brother Who Gives His Time, Talent and Treasure Lifetime Giving Level –– Sir Edward Coke Club B rother Larry Nothnagel, Truman State '79, is well known among the Delta Chi nation. Through it all, Larry has remained down to earth and humble. He served 36 years in the Illinois Public School system as a middle school counselor and a high school basketball referee, officiating three state finals. He estimates he ran thousands of miles up and down the court! Larry is like many of our members who care deeply about advancing Delta Chi. He gave his time, talent, and treasure on a regular basis, over decades of service. Having given regular, small gifts to The Delta Chi Educational Foundation, he's now reached the giving level of Sir Edward Coke Club. He says the "two most meaningful experiences (of the thousands) in my Delta Chi career include being honored with the title 'AA' Emeritus at the 2008 convention, and then one semester later getting to be a part of my son's initiation into the Bond at the Tri-State Chapter." In 2018, while at Convention in Denver, he caught wind of the inaugural Trustee Society Experience* heading to The Stanley Hotel (site of the 25th Convention where Delta Chi became the first fraternity to abolish Hell Week). He wanted to go and agreed to step up his giving. True to his word, he's done just that for two consecutive years, and he's looking forward to the Trustee Society Experience again this year. Thank you, Larry, for setting an extraordinary example of how to serve with your time, talent, and your treasure! *The Trustee Society is the premier giving society of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation and requires annual donations totaling $1,000 or more to benefit the General Fund (an unrestricted gift). W hether you can give time, talent, treasure or all of the above, Delta Chi has a need! Brother Stuart Zolot, Penn State '75, provides a great example of giving what you can, when you can, to support Delta Chi. He tells us, "I felt I should continue to give because I had such a good experience at Penn State and Delta Chi, and [financial support] was the only way I could stay involved as I built my career." Stuart began attending Penn State during the summer quarter of 1972, only one week after graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! In 1974, he joined Delta Chi, lived in the house two summers ("class, pool, study") and had a great experience. His best memory was living with seven brothers at the house during the summer of 1975. He was recognized by Delta Chi Fraternity IHQ as a Chapter Luminary, enjoyed three years of active membership, and even received a scholarship from the Penn State Marsh White Chapter Scholarship Account, set up through The Delta Chi Educational Foundation. After graduating with an accounting degree, he joined Marc USA, an advertising agency, in Pittsburgh. Stuart also earned an MBA in international business from Point Park University (graduating first in his class). After spending a 43-year career at Marc USA, he retired as executive vice president/chief financial officer and member of the board of directors and successfully structured the sale of the corporation to a larger advertising agency conglomerate. During his span, the company grew from one office in Pittsburgh to 12 offices across North America, becoming one of the largest advertising agencies in Pennsylvania. "It was a good thing I worked for an ad agency; I was surrounded by a lot of creative and energetic people—a good place for a socially oriented accountant!" In retirement, he's taken a part- time advisor role at the Duquesne University, College of Business. He's learning to play guitar and still keeps in touch with a few of the guys from his era. Stuart is also enjoying the winters at PGA National in South Florida. Thank you, Stuart, for taking it upon yourself to stay involved by giving what you could, when you could, as often as you could. You made a difference! We hope to see you at your first Convention in St. Louis this summer. GIVING WHAT YOU CAN, WHEN YOU CAN A Story of Why Stuart Zolot, Penn State '75, Supports Delta Chi Lifetime Giving Level – Order of the Shield

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