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THE DELTA CHI EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION The KnighT erranT "BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE $1.00" Every Dollar Counts in Fundraising D uring the foundation's recent presentation segment at the Region 8 Regional Leadership Conference in Destin, Florida, I had the opportunity to address the assembled undergraduates regarding the subject of how and when giving habits typically begin. By a show of hands, I asked how many brothers in the room held the misconception that donations were something to make after we "make it big" in the world. I went on to explain that top donors most often achieve great giving goals over long periods of time by starting small and giving early. As I spoke, real-time new donations to the 1890 Society via our donation app scrolled up the screen behind me. One of our undergraduate brothers, Jamie, skipped seeing his name listed overhead for the opportunity to insert the phrase "Because it's all I can afford" next to his tiny $1.00 donation. While it was meant more so as humor, his donation served as an immediate reminder and example to the crowd that every dollar counts in fundraising, and each of us has a role to play in securing a bright future for our Brotherhood of a Lifetime. As I've stated prior, our foundation's focus in 2020 is on Friends and Funds, as we move past our primary dependence on a small group of benevolent benefactors and toward a much larger, active donor base. Our Army of Donors campaign seeks donors at many levels: 250 donors giving $1,000 annually as Trustee Society donors, 1,000 donors giving $20/month recurring, and 600 undergraduates giving $18.90 annually as donors of the 1890 Society. Altogether, these gifts reflect $500,000 generated annually for our General Operations Fund. Every donor is extremely important, as there is strength in numbers. You have a place in these ranks. With general operations and leadership grants secured by these annual donors, our focus could then shift toward an endowment campaign. Endowing our operations in perpetuity, as so many other successful foundations have done, will allow us to put 100% of our future donations toward programming that directly impacts our members at both the collegiate and post-graduate levels. The Endowment Fund, established at the Louisville convention in 2016, is already growing at a moderate, healthy pace via special gifts and fundraising events. We look forward to the day when all of our fraternity's desired projects and programs are permanently funded. Based on the real-world facts and data from other successful organizations, I see a fully funded Endowment Fund as the single most important goal of the foundation to help secure a bright future for our brotherhood. Long-term savings are extremely important, just as in our personal/family and business goals. No matter the initial level, your gifts and service are both important and very appreciated. I hope you will join us, your brothers, as donors to this noble quest. In the Bond, Rod Arnold, Texas A&M '88 President & Chairman The Delta Chi Educational Foundation Spring 2020 J oin us at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch July 29-August 2, 2020, for Fraternity, Foundation, and Fun! Take part in many excellent educational tracks, the business of the fraternity, the fun of the foundation and the brotherhood that comes along with an event hosting over 600 attendees! Events include: • Legislative Sessions • The Trustee Society Experience • Alumni Rededication Ceremony • Brotherhood Events • Education Tracks • Closing Banquet And so much more! Check in at for more information! Written as of April 6. Meet Me in St. LouiS! Read more about the 2020 Trustee Society Experience inside!

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