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I love Theta Xi. That's never going to change, as it provided me with dozens of lifelong relationships and a fantastic undergraduate experience that forced me to grow as a person, become an independent adult, and develop traits to become successful in my career. But even more importantly, I like where our Alpha Sigma Chapter of Theta Xi is today. As an overall organization, the chapter, alumni, house corporation, National Fraternity, and Theta Xi Foundation have never been stronger. Our house corporation has the hardest task. In 2013, the actives and alumni agreed to split the budget so the P&L of the property (AKA rent) goes to the corporation. At that time, our property was 52 years old with zero dollars in capital reserves. Since then, we have seen enormously positive results. We paid off our primary mortgage, boosted cash reserves by $25,000, and spent $75,000 on needed capital improvements, including the foyer doorframes, windows, doors, and our four AC units. The next two large items on our list are a new roof and four new furnaces. While these results are pleasing, it is not feasible for rent alone to fully fund our long-term capital reserves account. We are working on a long-term plan to help move the dial, so please stay tuned. The foundation and the alumni update go hand-in-hand. Fifteen years ago, we started from nothing. We decided to invest in long-term programs, which were self-sustaining to motivate three behaviors: 1. Recruit and retain top-notch members who become top-notch alumni by paying it forward. 2. Achieve good grades. 3. Fill the chapter house. THE TAXI NEWS ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF THETA XI • BRADLEY UNIVERSITY SPRING 2020 Theta Xi Experience Transcends Time Alpha Sigma Has Record Year in 2019 Alpha Sigma Scholarships - Amount Raised In 2019, I'm pleased to say we had a record year. We raised $37,841 for our scholarship programs and our students collected $18,500 in scholarships. Several of our hardest working recipients told us that without our scholarship programs, they and/or their parents would not have been sold on us or Greek life. While it took time for our students who received the larger payouts to graduate and give back to Alpha Sigma, I'm pleased to say we have about a half dozen signed up to give monthly gifts of $18.64 into the program. We're at the top of the pack in grades and occupancy hasn't been this high in decades. On a personal note, I couldn't be happier with shifting my personal, tax-deductible, charitable contributions into these programs. I can see the direct benefit of my charitable gifts when a student can take an overseas internship that helps him land a job at a big accounting firm, a young professional meets with my dad and seeks advice during a big life change, our youngest alumni support these same scholarship programs because of the example I have set, or our students thrive and not simply survive college and Greek life. That's truly heart-warming. YITB, Craig Janus '00

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