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January/February 2020 The North Carolina Mason Page 3 By Beth Grace Mason Editor It's a new year and with it comes some new rules and a new team to oversee fundraisers that subordinate lodges hold across North Carolina. As of January, there are new committee members and special assistants in place, a one-stop email address, a required event tracking/ approval number and coming soon – a presence on the Grand Lodge web page for quick-lookup info such as code references, state and federal law, all forms, email address, team member biographies and the committee's mission statement. e NC Masonic Foundation web page also will include a handy link for lodges to follow to the Grand Lodge page. New team members are Chairman Charles Barrett and committee members Chris Hall and Jeff York. Special assistants to help lodges and the committee out are: Robert Rideout, firearms consultant; Jim Medlin, fundraising presenta- tions for Wilkerson College and speakers bureau; and Grand Master Shaun Bradshaw, consultant. e changes come for a couple of reasons. First, it gives Brother Jim Medlin, who has handled most of the duties of the Subordinate Lodge Special Activities Commission for years, some time of his own to travel, have fun and get involved in other things, Brother Barrett said. "Jim will still be part of this committee and will take on some new duties in this format," he said. "But now, instead of one hard- working person answering all the questions, we'll do it in rotation. at helps groom new members each year to handle the paperwork and questions that are always involved. e special assistants will be on call to answer questions in their areas of expertise." Here's what lodges interested in staging fundraisers need to do under the new rules: First: Send all inquiries and correspondence to this new email address: If you don't have email, send US mail to the Grand Lodge. Note: Jim Medlin will be cutting off the email account he was using soon, so start using the new address as soon as possible. "e committee member on board will get back to you when you email," Barrett says. "So instead of just one person, we'll have more people there to help." After sending an application (via new forms you can fill out online), the committee will assign each event a tracking/approval number. e committee no longer will send back a signed approval; the tracking number will be all you need. For your records, print out the approval email and/or write it on your copy of the application. You must put the tracking/ approval number on your final report form, which helps the committee match the final report to the application. Note that the committee no longer will send a confirmation that your final report has been received. A committee member will reach out to you if they don't have the form. You can still file an amended report if you need to make changes to the final report. All forms are now in PDF format and are fillable online. Old paper forms will no longer be accepted; committee members will send them back to you and ask you to fill out the new form. e new format saves time and paper, Barrett says. It also ensures that state and federal laws are being followed and that proper insur- ance is in place. It also spreads the workload among more than just one brother. "We especially thank Jim Medlin for his many years of service and dedication on this commission," he said. "With these changes in place we can make this transition seam- less for the next set of committee members and the set after that and after that." Fundraiser approval going paperless Changes made in procedures, personnel, email address for Grand Lodge committee Grand Master's District Meeting Schedule 2020 DATE DISTRICT LODGE ADDRESS Feb. 25 22 Caswell Brotherhood 11 986 Firetower Road, Yanceyville 26 8 Johnston-Caswell 10 611 Main St., Warrenton 27 14 J.J. Crowder #743 9920 Falls of the Neuse Rd, Raleigh March 3 1 New Lebanon 314 Eureka Lodge Bldg., 218 S. Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City 4 5 Davie 39 105 N. Mitchell St., Ahoskie 5 9 Queen City 602 1700 S. Winstead Ave., Rocky Mount 10 20 Siler City 403 114 S. 3rd Ave., Siler City 11 24 Blackmer 127 109 S. School St., Mt. Gilead 12 28 Sophia 767 401 N. Fulton St., Salisbury 23 12 St. John's 1 4712 Oriole St., Wilmington 24 17 Phoenix 8 221 Mason St., Fayetteville 25 18 St. Alban's 114 600 N. Elm St., Lumberton 31 35 Cleveland 202 1456 E. Marion St., Shelby April 1 32 Phalanx 31 500 N. Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte 13 40 East La Porte 358 6294 Hwy 107, Culhowee 14 38 Kedron 387 229 5th Ave. W, Hendersonville 15 34 Mystic Tie 237 163 S. Main St., Marion 16 33 Liberty 45 1228 School St., Wilkesboro 20 2 Cape Hatteras 698 48338 Hwy 12, Buxton 21 3 Washington 675 1115 W. 5th St., Washington 30 23 Stokesdale 428 8420 Ellisboro Road, Stokesdale #WEAREGLNC! If you are using the new hashtag #WeAreGLNC on all your pos ngs about NC Masonry, events and news … THANK YOU! If you aren't, take a min- ute to tag your posts with this hashtag. The Public Rela- ons Commi ee came up with the idea and announced it at Annual Communica on last fall. Since then. It has popped up everywhere, making it easier to find stories that have a direct link to how we do Masonry in North Carolina.

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