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Page 2 The North Carolina Mason November/December 2019 ■ see REGISTER, page 3 Mike Register (middle) and his family gather at the conclusion of the Annual Com- munication 2019 where he was named to the Grand Line Mike Register did not see it coming. "It took me totally by surprise," WB Register said as he described the day Grand Master-Elect Shaun Bradshaw approached him, asking him to join the Grand Line as Junior Grand Steward. e two were chatting at "Lynch Lodge," the quarterly informal Saturday morning "lodge" at Brother Steve Lynch's home in Burlington when the question came. "Never in my life did I think this would be something I would be asked to do. So many thoughts crossed my mind. is is so humbling." e GM-elect asked him to give it some thought. And he did. He and his wife, Ann, talked about it when he returned home that day, considering the honor and the commitment that comes with it: time, hard work and expenses. Brothers moving up along the Grand Line get very little reim- bursement for travel or official visits. It's a personal gift they offer as part of the work. Ann Margaret was all for it: She is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, and Masonry runs in her family as her father and stepfa- ther are both Masons. Brother Register didn't keep GM-elect Bradshaw waiting. He accepted with joy and gratitude. "I have a lot I have to learn about this work," Register said. "I feel that I should get more involved now. It takes more than a couple of years to learn what I'll need to know," he said. "I don't take this honor lightly." Register not taking the honor lightly INSTALLATION, from page 1 meanings are rich and deep and worthy of your study. "e ring was crafted by Brother Jesse ( Jay) Joyce Jr., son of GM Bradshaw's Masonic coach. e gold for the ring was donated by myself, T.O. Wright Jr. (my father and the man whom GM Bradshaw asked how to become a Mason), and GM Bradshaw's son Graham and wife Sharon. e gold donated by GM Bradshaw's family once belonged to his mother." e new Grand Master wiped away tears as he accepted the ring, which Brother Wright promised would remain one of a kind; no copies will ever be made. In his address to the gathering, GM Bradshaw thanked his family for their sacrifice in helping him on his journey. He thanked his Masonic mentors, including his Masonic "father" PGM Dewey Preslar, who served as the day's installing grand officer. He also honored PGM William Simpson. His portrait was displayed near the stage during the ceremony and his wife, Marian, was in the audience. He also thanked his fellow Grand Line officers for their dedication and their hard work. He told them he will rely on them for their thoughts and advice. "I like a little pushback," he said. "Please don't be 'yes' men. Give me your honest and fair opinions." He invited brothers to attend his upcoming district meetings. e first will be Jan. 27 at Doric #568 in New Bern. "I will have more stories to tell. And I will want to hear your stories," he said. In the meantime, he added, "keep the light and tell your story to others. If we want to grow this fraternity, let them know how this fraternity has changed your life." e ceremony ended with a prayer offered by PGM Gene Cobb and Prince Hall Grand Master Daniel L. "DT" ompson. PGM Gene Cobb (to the right of the altar with hands raised) and Prince Hall Grand Master Daniel L. Thompson (right from Cobb) offer up the closing prayer. Grand Tyler Gary Handy with the new sword forged for the Grand Lodge. Photos by Michael Harding

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