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DTD e Shield Delta Tau Delta • Beta Alpha Chapter Alumni Newsletter • Fall 2019 Bonds of Beta Alpha Brotherhood Become Stronger Annual Golf Outing, Weddings Bring Brothers Together B eta Alpha brotherhood is still very much alive and well. anks to the wonders of social media, I know several Brothers from my era were recently married (congratulations, Derek Pacque '11 and Connor Spurlin '12!) with many Delt Brothers by their sides. A group of Beta Alphas from the early '90s convened at the Shelter this past summer for a bit of brotherly camaraderie. ere are countless other Beta Alphas, far and wide, younger and older, who regularly reunite for life's moments, both small and large, routine and momentous. We have many ways to stay closely connected as Brothers. I was overjoyed to see several Brothers at the annual DTD golf outing on September 19 at Bloomington Country Club. While we may not physically occupy the Shelter at 1431 N. Jordan, the bonds of Beta Alpha are stronger than ever and cannot be broken. Rest assured, we will return to the Shelter, sooner rather than later. Personally, I am happy to report that my fall '06 brethren and I have embarked upon our 12th, that's right 12th, straight year of fantasy football. Unluckily for the rest of those schleps, I like my chances this year to be crowned champion for the third time. I just had to remember not to dra Andrew Luck. I sincerely hope you all will continue to reconvene with your Brothers— some of whom you may see weekly and, perhaps, others you have not seen for some time to reminisce and reflect on the good ole' days and the positive days ahead for Beta Alpha. Fraternally, Bryan D. Stoffel '10 President, Beta Alpha House Corporation Ken Glass '76 Reflects on 40 Years of Service to DTD I am happy to wear the 40-year pin and feel proud to have served. at service started as a two-year member of the field staff, now called chapter leadership consultants. I visited 60 chapters in 40 states. I was in attendance for the reinstallation of Tau Chapter at Penn State. Shortly aer retiring from the field staff, I was asked to be a divi- sion vice president, serving chapters at Wabash, Purdue, and IU. Over the years I have attended 13 biennial Karneas. In addition to my national Delt service, I have served two stints on the Beta Alpha house corporation and as the Beta Alpha chapter advisor. I realized there are a lot of changes in Fraternity life, and I de- cided to return to service the Fraternity as the chapter advisor at Ball State. I have truly missed the opportunity to work with our undergraduate brothers. Fraternally, Ken Glass '76 K ent Warren '76 arrived at Indiana Univer- sity ready to follow in the Delt footsteps of his father, uncle, and three brothers. He soon cultivated his own Delt experience, as he formed a strong bond with brothers from his class, primarily Ken Glass '76. "e college fraternity experience is intended to be a 'learning lab' and a microcosm of life in general. at is how it helped me prepare for life aer college." When asked, how his life would be different without Delt, Kent responded, "at's a tough question. I don't have a life without DTD." With his love for Delta Tau Delta and Beta Alpha, Kent is part of the core group of alumni involved with the recolonization effort, along with Broth- er Glass, Dave Hobson '71, Doug Conover '78, and Bryan Stoffel '10. "Our goal is to create and sustainably deliver a value proposition to college men that surpasses expectations and competitors' offerings. If a guy joins DTD and graduates from IU as the same person he was when he enrolled, we will have failed him. College can be and must be much more than that. e Beta Alpha experience must be life-changing to exponen- tial effect. Truth, courage, faith, and power are our Delt pillars. We do this volunteer work for the young men who follow us, creating a tradition of unrivaled excellence and developing men of distinction from Beta Alpha. We're asking alumni to join us and help develop those men who will marry our granddaughters, father our grandchildren, run companies, governments, and non-profits, and who will shape the future." Kent knows they have their work cut out for them, but the vision of a stronger, redefined Beta Alpha experience fuels them through meetings with the university and the Fraternity. "To my Beta Alpha alumni broth- ers of all ages: the charter revocation and campus suspension can turn us to anger, sadness, or disinterest but shouldn't. Please join us in viewing this differently. View it as an opportunity to build a better, stronger chap- ter with immense value to the youth of tomorrow." If you want to join the group on this journey, please reach out to Ken Glass at In Kent's Own Words… n What was your career path like aer college? e first half was spent in tax, finance, and financial systems for big and small firms. e next half was private law practice, then as an ERISA lawyer for a Fortune 500 company. Now, Kerry (the love of my life for 34 years) and I are starting an organic micro farm and we'll see where that leads us. It has been a great adventure so far. n How do you spend your free time? I read a lot, my wife says I'm a foodie, BBC mysteries (those Brits!), and there's an occasional binge of sudoku. n What are some of your favorite memories of Beta Alpha? Chapter meetings were sometimes tedious, but I remember them pretty well. ere was almost always some nugget of wisdom bur- ied between the wisecracks and not-so-useful commentary. Also, the range of personalities in the Delt house is a good memory. Delt Shelter Ser ved as Learning Lab for Kent Warren '76 Alumni Encouraged to Invest in Beta Alpha's Future

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