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The lion's lore page 2 Purple and Gold Society ($2,500 to $9,999) Kansas State Minerva Club Brotherhood Society ($1,000 to $2,499) Col. Charles J. Wingert '59 Richard E. Mistler '62 Gen. Richard B. Myers '65 Mark Lacy '89 Kollin W. Knox '92 Others (Up to $999) John A. Logan '51 William Feyerharm '56 William H. Braddock '57 John P. Jung '57 Norman S. Bressler '58 Robert M. Kissick '58 Joe A. Wilcox '58 Frank C. Chrisbens '59 David F. Chelesnik '61 Roger W. Coulter '61 Terry L. Knowles '61 Jarold W. Boettcher '63 Spencer A. Puls '64 Lawrence P. Becker '67 Daniel E. Fankhouser '67 Lawrence N. Weigel '68 Al C. Enlow '69 George T. Miserendino '69 Rick B. Sigwing '69 Thomas E. Tweed '69 Roger S. John '70 Steve J. Wood '70 Darryl W. Graves '71 Dr. Willard B. Ransom '71 Curtis L. Bock, D.V.M. '72 Michael E. Debold '72 Russell E. Bishop '73 Joel M. Burrow '75 William K. Shaw '75 Edward K. Kite '76 Terrance J. Garvert '77 Mark J. Healy '77 Steven R. Brewer '78 Thomas B. Banta '79 Kenneth Alan Christie '79 Thomas E. Miller '79 Paul J. Lacy '81 Brian E. Calovich '82 Eric A. Hartenstein '82 John C. Moser '82 Dr. Michael A. Mueller '82 D. Mark Robertson '82 David M. Anderson '85 Thomas P. Hoover '85 Richard A. Blevins '88 Jay E. Holthaus '94 Scott L. Perry '98 Thank You, Spring 2019 Donors With Your Help We Were Able to Replace the Air Conditioner! T hank you to the following brothers for contributing $18,876 with 43 gifts to the spring 2019 appeal. When combined with the $33,785 raised during our fall 2018 appeal, we were able to cover the $50,000 cost of replacing the air conditioner, which broke in August 2018. These brothers and friends have shown their appreciation for their undergraduate experience by supporting the future of ΣΑΕ at Kansas State University. The successes of Kansas Beta Chapter are directly attributed to the generous alumni support and alumni relations efforts. Those who donated to the spring 2019 appeal are listed below under their giving level. If an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. If corrections to your giving record are needed, please call (785) 843-1661. Thank you, again, for your loyal support. A s a small-town kid from Dighton, Kansas, KSU felt big to Randy Gassman '83. A fraternity seemed like a good start socially and ΣΑΕ was a good fit. "I immediately had 70 in-house brothers," Randy recalled. "But the fraternity did so much more by providing structure, developing responsibility, and holding each brother accountable." Randy loved everything about Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the close brotherhood that developed among his class. The True Gentlemen provided direction to all members as they figured out what kind of men they wanted to become. Today, he remains close with some brothers, but wishes he did a better job of seeing others. When his son, Elliot '19, joined Kansas Beta, Randy's positive memories from ΣΑΕ came rushing back and he wanted to get involved with the chapter again. Randy recently started helping with the finances of the fraternity, a natural fit for him as a CPA. Being able to share Kansas Beta with Elliot has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Randy. "Watching Elliot benefit from his time at ΣΑΕ is worth more than I can ever repay," he shared. Love for KSU runs deep in the Gassman family as all three of Randy's children chose to attend KSU on their own. "The kids attended football and basketball games with us at an early age so KSU has been a large part of who we are as a family." The family has had season tickets for football since before the Bill Snyder era and for basketball since Bramlage first opened its doors. Their oldest, Carly, who passed away from cancer in 2014 as a freshman, was a member of Tri Delta and studied nursing. Elliot graduated in spring 2019 with dual degrees in accounting and finance and is enrolled in a master's of accounting program at KSU. Olivia, their youngest, is a junior majoring in speech therapy and a member of Chi Omega. Randy and his wife, Susie, an '86 KSU graduate, live in Abilene where he is a CPA and partner with the public accounting firm Pottberg, Gassman, and Hoffman. Randy Gassman '83 with his daughter, Olivia; son, Elliot; and wife, Susie, at Elliot's graduation in May 2019. To my brothers… "I would encourage brothers of any era to visit the house again and become involved in some capacity, whether that be hands-on help at the house or answering the call when the chapter has needed funds for the dining room, new HVAC, or whatever the next challenge might be. A special thanks to Steve Lacy '76, Bill Shaw '75, and Terry Garvert '77, who have volunteered endless on-site hours to make this house the best on campus. It is still the oldest on campus, but it looks better than it ever has. Please stop by and take a look for yourself!" A NATURAL FIT Randy Gassman '83 Returns to Kansas Beta Randy's Favorite Kansas Beta Memories u Intramurals u Basketball games in Ahearn u Kite's u "Bowling at the Lou"

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