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ALPHA C HI REVIEW P H I K A P PA TA U | A L P H A C H I C H A P T E R | FA L L 2 0 1 9 THE ADDITIONAL ALUMNI DONATIONS ESSENTIAL TO CAMPAIGN SUCCESS Alpha Chi's Future Is in Your Hands—Will You Take Action? EMBRACING YOUR ALPHA CHI LEGACY Who was your best friend at ΦΚΤ? Who inspired you as an undergraduate? What did you learn about leadership? How is your life different because of Alpha Chi Chapter? If we were to ask every brother these questions, it's guaranteed their answers would vary. We hope they would all agree that while each ΦΚΤ experience is unique, they are all a positive reflection of their time spent at Mississippi State. We hope you're able to look back on this truly life-changing experience at Alpha Chi Chapter and recall the many bene- fits your ΦΚΤ membership brought into your life. To date, 18% of our alumni base has expressed their gratitude for their ΦΚΤ experience by supporting the Embracing Your Alpha Chi Legacy campaign, but we must see an increase in alumni support. The average participation in Greek campaigns is 25%, and we strongly feel that this is an attainable goal for the campaign. We thank the 105 donors for their generosity and unwavering support of the place that helped us grow into capable leaders in college and beyond. And to those who have delayed your support, we hope you'll look back at your ΦΚΤ experience and see what gifts it has given you. Remember, all donors who pledge $2,500 or more will have their name included on a plaque permanently displayed in the renovated chapter house. We are thrilled to announce the success of the Bill Jones '60 challenge, which raised $200,000 toward the capital campaign. To keep momentum going and move the needle even more, it is essential that additional alum- ni step up to the plate. We urge alumni among the 1980-84 and 1990-96 classes to show your appreciation of and support for Alpha Chi today. Together, we can achieve more. Closing the gap between signed pledges and the campaign goal balance of $438,652 is imperative in getting our chapter on solid financial footing and reducing the burden of debt incurred by construction costs. We must raise these remaining dollars—we need your attention and action right now. Each additional gift brings us closer to achieving our campaign goal and ensuring the bright future of Alpha Chi. There's still time to make your mark. We sincerely hope that you will consider making a first-time gift or extending your pledge, if you have already made the leap to give back to Alpha Chi. Please look at the donor list in this issue and reach out to any brothers from your class whose name you don't see—we would be ecstatic and beholden to have even more brothers help us secure Phi Kappa Tau's future at Mississippi State. Love and Respect, William Jones '60 Barry Toney '85 Campaign Co-Chairman Campaign Co-Chairman (919) 417-1947 (214) 926-3348 CAMPAIGN PROGRESS BY THE NUMBERS As of September 4, 2019 $1.5 Million Goal $1,061,348 Written Commitments 70.75% of Goal Raised 18% Alumni Participation 105 Total Contributors 567 Active Alumni

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