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GAMMA GAMMA Rhover Alumnus spotlight — pg. 2 Donor list — pg. 2 gAmmA-rho ZetA leADing on CAmpus — pg. 3 47 initiAteD Brothers — pg. 4 sU N I V E R S I T Y O F O K L A H O M As A L A M B D A C H I A L P H A A L U M N I P U B L I C A T I O N Summer 2019 A Time of Transition: Call for Alumni Volunteers T his summer marks the end of an era at 904 College. After serving as Gamma- Rho's Chapter adviser for 20 years, Rodger Lalli, ΓΡ 1894 has retired from the High Pi position. We can never repay or thank Rodger enough for his dedication to Gamma-Rho. He has mentored hundreds of our brothers who have passed through the doors of 904 College. He has helped shape them into the men they are today. The values he instilled in them have helped build upon a Chapter legacy that all of us can be proud of. Unsurprising to those who know him, Rod- ger does not seek recognition for his service, nor does he even want this article to focus on him as much as it has already. Suffice it to say, though: thank you, Rodger, for all you have done for us. Instead of dwelling on the past, however, both Rodger and the Gamma-Rho Alumni Association hope that this time of change will inspire even more of our alumni brothers to pick up the lamp and lead our Chapter into the future. Rodger's re- tirement is the latest in a series of longtime alum- ni volunteers stepping down so that others may step up. At the end of last year, Bob Canfield, ΓΡ 876 retired from his position as president of the Sigma Phi Housing Corporation after more than 15 years of loyal service on the board. Join Your Brothers and Cheer on the Sooners T his year the Gamma-Rho Alumni Association will host our alumni tailgate on Sept. 1, 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to reconnect with your Gamma-Rho Zeta brothers. More Dates to Keep in Mind • Fall Formal Recruitment: Aug. 17-20 • Fall Bid Day: Aug. 21 • Fall Family Weekend (formerly Dad's Day): Sept. 27-28 • Homecoming: Oct. 19 Please join us for one or all of these events! We hope to see you soon! A group of alumni at an OU football game day. With this time of transition comes an exciting opportunity for a new generation of brothers to once again reshape what it means to be an alum- nus of Gamma-Rho. We are in need of a new Chapter adviser—a per- son who will lead our undergraduate brothers. But don't worry, this term is not for life, nor is it a siloed position. The High Pi will lead the Chap- ter alongside an Alumni Advisory Board respon- sible for individually mentoring specific Chapter officers. Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters re- quires us to have a Chapter adviser by the start of the fall semester, so if you have any interest at all—even if just for one year—please contact us. We will help support you in every way we can. We also want your help in bringing fresh, new ideas to both the Sigma Phi Housing Corpo- ration and the Gamma-Rho Alumni Associa- tion—and that help does not mean a huge time commitment. Several of our board members live away from Norman and call in to the monthly meetings. Our vision is, with the help an ever- growing group of alumni volunteers, we can create an alumni presence to match the caliber of our Chapter. If you've ever thought about reconnecting to Gamma-Rho—whether by attending alumni tailgates, coming back to tour the house, or just reuniting with old friends—now is the perfect time. We would love to hear from you. We wel- come any alumni who are interested in building a stronger alumni presence to please contact us at We hope you will join us. In Z.A.X., Gamma-Rho Alumni Association

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