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June 25, 2019

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JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2019 UCW 17 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM DAN DEBRULER, General Manager, WCLN. Comments? Editor@upandcomingweekly. com. 910-484-6200. JUNE 28-30 • FREE- DOM BIKE RALLY at Galot Motorsports Park, 555 Dragstrip Rd, Benson. Three-day pass $35. The rally benefits Freedom Biker Church, Bikers For Christ. Call 919-894-1662 for more information. JUNE 28-30 • THUNDER IN THE SMOKIES SUM- MER MOTORCYCLE RALLY 2019 at Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, 3374 Soco Rd. For more information, visit www.handlebarcorral.com, email handlebarcorral@aol. com or call 828-246-2101. 4624 BRAGG BLVD. $1 .00 OFF COLDEST DRINKS IN TOWN! CROWN COMPLEX 1960 Coliseum Dr. • 910-438-4100 www.crowncomplexnc.com July 5 Jeezy: "Heat of the Summer" tour July 13 Glenn Miller Orchestra Nov. 19 Mannheim Steamroller FAYETTEVILLE AFTER 5 Festival Park: 335 Ray Ave• 910-433-1547 July 12 Rivermist Aug. 8 Kasey Tyndall THE TAPHOUSE AT HUSKE 411 Hay St. • 910-426-5650 June 29 Open Road July 6 Cumberland Drive THE DRUNK HORSE PUB 106 S Eastern Blvd. • 910-835-8347 June 27 Cameron Airborne June 28 Mad Souls Tour July 2 Threats, Fever Strike, Good With Anything, Never I July 10 America Part Two, Ronx, Out of It LUIGI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 528 N McPherson Church Rd. 910-864-1810• www.luigisnc.com June 28 JD & Bill June 29 Young Joyner and Marie July 5 Pete Everette & The Total Package July 6 Wildheart MUSIC Preparing the next generation by DAN DEBRULER There is little we can do to prepare for some of life's best moments, yet everything we've ever done has pre- pared us for each one. Graduation season has come and gone here in North Carolina. Emotions run the gamut as young men and women everywhere experi- ence that final trip through the doors of their schools as students. Most will reflect fondly on the days they spent preparing to launch into the world. They'll begin writing their own sto- ries. And like every generation before them, both friendships and rivalries they swore would last forever will begin to fade as others grow. Of one thing they can be certain: relation- ships with fellow students, educators and even their families will all change in some way as they continue their journey through life. Of all the things that could possibly cause me anxiety, concern for future generations is somewhere near the top of the list. This is partly because of their expectations and partly because of the condition of the world we're leaving them. Not the physical world, but the condition of mankind in gen- eral. Somewhere along the line, we seem to have taught young people in America that winning is more impor- tant than character. The very people who we need to be able to look up to are failing and falling around us. And we are too quick to condemn and step around them to notice and avoid the brokenness that led them there in the first place. So, can we change the course? Can we raise up a generation of leaders with the intestinal fortitude to right the many wrongs we've left them to deal with? As a person of faith, I believe we can, and it's really a mat- ter of moral integrity stemming from deep convictions and an acknowledg- ment of a creator to whom we're all accountable. Yes, God. Many will dis- agree and stop reading right here, so if you're still with me, maybe we agree — if only a little. Our real problems begin at home. There's a growing indifference to pat- terns of behavior that erode families, from what we allow to enter through the television screen to our relation- ships with our children's friends and their families. Everyone knows the phrase "it takes a village," but when the village steps in with advice, it's too often taken as a personal affront. And someone stomps away only to return with a posse willing to prove how wrong the offender is and how the mob can destroy them and their way of thinking. What we've reaped so far is an unhappier, less fulfilled and definitely angrier world. We can do so much better. By modeling love, respect, kind- ness and accountability to our chil- dren, we can begin to right this ship. A short trip through the red letters in the Bible will yield a wealth of wisdom we can use to prepare our children for what lies ahead. And when we begin to embrace and adopt those words in our own lives, we will see a change for the better in the mirror as well. By modeling love, respect, kindness and accountability to our children, we can begin to right this ship. OPINION

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