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May/June 2019 The North Carolina Mason Page 3 SIGMON from page 2 to continue a disrespectful path, I encourage you reevaluate your mission as a Mason. If not moved to improvement, please remove any Masonic references from your social media pages as your comments will not represent what Freemasonry teaches. Instead, I hope you will choose to live our lessons as taught. One of our degrees teaches: "Ever remember that, being human, you must of necessity often err; that those who hold dierent opinions entertain them as honestly as you do your own; and that you have no right to deny or doubt their sincerity. Especially, never harshly denounce an opinion that more experience and a more thorough investigation may someday compel you to adopt. erefore, always treat your opponents as if their opinions were at some time to become your own." I like people and enjoy being around people. Something unique about me is that I can honestly say that I dislike no one. I have zero hate in my heart. So, what are my main Ritual/Book of Faith lesson guidelines on how to interact with others? ■ I choose being disappointed in other's actions over hate. ■ I choose being di!cult to oend and easy to forgive. ■ I choose to treat others as I want to be treated (the Golden Rule). ■ I choose to pause and re&ect before I speak or act. Before speaking or acting ask yourself this question, "is this the proper time or place?" Remember we are taught that "the mouth speaks from that which lls his heart". If you are speaking ill of others, don't repair your speech, repair your heart. ■ I choose to follow the words in the charge when installing the Tyler: To set a guard at the entrance of our thoughts, place a watch at the door of our lips, post a sentinel at the avenue of our actions thereby excluding every unqualied and unworthy thought, word, and deed, and preserving consciences void of oense toward God and man. ■ I choose to follow the words in the closing charge when installing lodge o!cers: May kindness and brotherly aection distinguish your conduct as men and Masons. ■ And nally, I choose to follow the words from the last and highest recognized degree in Freemasonry: Hate none and Despise none. As I close my remarks, I want to oer you this challenge. It is a challenge that I try to give to myself every day. When you stand before the mirror in the morning to wash your face, to brush your teeth or comb your hair, ask yourself this question: Today, am I going to be a Mason or just a member? I hope you will do as I try to do each and every day and live your life as the best Mason you can possibly be. Practice Freemasonry in everything you do and say. Be the example! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I am glad our paths crossed.

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