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The Mason O!cial Publication of e Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina Volume 144 Number 3 Oxford, North Carolina May/June 2019 NORTH CAROLINA ■ see WIDOWS page 5 Living into our OBLIGATIONS By Beth Grace Mason Editor Carla Emerson never doubted that her husband was Mason material. After all, her father, grandfather and uncles all had made their own journey through the Craft. She knew a good man when she saw one. So, she was overjoyed when he decided to ask the question. "I encouraged him to join," she says. "I mentioned it to him o and on during the years of our marriage. … One day, he came home and said, 'Guess what I did?' He had gone to Bula Lodge (#409) in Burlington on a day when they had a meeting. He just walked up and talked to them." Brian liked what he heard. He was raised in 2009, and served in his lodge as junior deacon, senior deacon, steward and chaplain. He also was a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Greensboro. He loved his brothers and they loved him. His brothers were there for him when he was diagnosed with advanced-stage colon cancer and never left his side during the ght that followed. He was just 38 when he lost his battle with cancer on July 4, 2015. Now, his brothers stand with Carla and their daughter, Ava, checking in on them regularly, calling to catch up, even though the two have since moved away from Burlington. ese caring men, it turns out, are her brothers, too. "I honestly feel like I could call a half dozen of those men at any time and say I need help … and they would be there for me," she says. "When Brian was sick these men were always avail- able for us. For example, they came and mowed our lawn. And kept mowing it for a long time. ey did so much for us. It really solidied for me the message these men really did take their obligations seriously." Aiding the women le behind OBLIGATION TO WIDOWS W Mary Speidel

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