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W hether it was the brotherhood displayed by the members, or the prospect of those bonds lasting throughout his life, Bill Schmicker '65 knew ΣAE was the right fit for him at Purdue. He grew up in Winamac, Indiana, a small farming community about an hour from West Lafayette. Coming to a large university like Purdue was a bit intimidating, but once he met the men of Indiana Beta, he felt right at home. "It was a new experience living with so many people," said Bill, "but it allowed me to meet some great individuals from backgrounds far different than mine. Our friendships helped broaden my horizons. My time at ΣAE was the source of some of my fondest memories and some of my greatest growth experiences." Bill has visited the house many times since graduating and it was clear to him that a renovation was necessary. "For the future of the chapter and to guarantee its longevity at Purdue, it's something that needs to be done. Hopefully, my generation and others have the financial ability and the desire to be a driving factor in making it happen. I encourage The Spring 2019 A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE - The Campaign for Indiana Beta Lion's TaLe A s the school year has progressed, we've seen a continuance of positive and productive undergraduates who are living the high standards of what it means to be an ΣAE True Gentleman. They are proud of their brotherhood, proud of their chapter house, and proud to be Purdue ΣAEs. PROJECT PROGRESSES ON TIME The chapter house is mostly complete, but we've uncovered exterior projects that remain. The goal is to complete these this summer prior to the 2019-20 school year. The projects include resurfacing and adding parking to the adjacent lot we purchased, rebuilding the crumbling front porch, and rebuilding the south retaining wall—which are currently behind as additions to the original plan. These three projects will likely total more than $350,000, and West Lafayette city officials are prodding us for action. PARTICIPATION RATE NEEDS TO IMPROVE We are extremely thankful for the response of our 191 generous donors, which represents 13% of our total mailable alumni. But… we need to double the support if we're to raise the remaining $2.3 million needed to reach our $5 million fundraising goal. The average Greek fundraising campaign has 25% participation among alumni, and Purdue fraternities are achieving up to 50% participation, so you can see we're not performing up to par. We want this to be a collaborative effort across all generations, and we know we can improve our participation rate. Unfortunately, we're well below expectations—but we can change that today. We know we're better than average! Please do not sit on the sidelines without supporting this project, while assuming someone else will do it. We need your support. This campaign is vital to our success, and ΣAE Purdue needs your help immediately so that we can reach our goal as quickly as possible. The facts below might help you consider your own level of support. • You can stretch your pledge over a five-year giving period, if you wish. Many brothers have taken advantage of this opportunity to maximize their giving potential. • ΣAE Purdue will recognize all donors contributing a minimum of $5,000 to the campaign on a plaque prominently displayed in the renovated Lodge. • A $5,000 pledge = $1,000/year or $83/month, while a $2,500 halves these values. • ΣAE Purdue needs you so we can finish the job in bringing our facility into the 21st century. If Purdue ΣAE made any impact on your life, you owe it to the future of our chapter to make a gift or pledge now. Whatever you are able to give, please give. Every gift is appreciated and warmly received; no gift is too small. WE KNOW WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER We knew this was a big goal when we set out to accomplish this project. But we also know the power of brotherhood. We know our alumni are great men, and if we band together, we can accomplish great things together. Purdue ΣAE is extraordinary, and we must continue to support the efforts of our house corporation and undergraduates. We need you to invest in this vison with us. A pledge today shows our members that you are with them and that you support them. As alumni, we must stand together to show others what we can do in the face of adversity. We are a team; so let's show them what a true brotherhood and team can do. Today, we're asking you to join us in this capital campaign. Purdue ΣAE is more than worthy of your investment. Phi Alpha, Wayne McIntyre '64 Campaign Chairman (408) 930-1438 Purdue ΣAe Is CAllIng for All AlumnI to BAnd together With Your Help, We Can Complete Needed Projects Bill Schmicker '65 Is Happy to Support the Legacy of ΣAE at Purdue (Continued on page 3)

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