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March/April 2019 The North Carolina Mason Page 15 Welcome our neW Brothers Burkett, Brian Thomas 4 St. John's Harmon, Andrew Dean 8 Phoenix Koons, Timothy Lee 8 Phoenix Proffitt, Jonathan Leonard 8 Phoenix Hall, Jason Allen 27 Statesville Templeton, Thomas Lawson 27 Statesville Leary, Stephen Troy 53 Hall Wilson Jr, Glendall Allen 53 Hall Jarman, John Walter 64 Kilwinning Brewer, Keith Michael 109 Franklin Gardella, Thomas Anthony 112 Wayne Bowles, Kenneth Darrel 117 Mt. Lebanon Thompson, Jeremy Loyd 134 Mocksville Trivitte, Chad Michael 134 Mocksville McPherson, Jacob Lee 143 Mt. Vernon Leville, Justin Gregory 143 Mt. Vernon Parker, Christian Alexander 146 Cherokee Honeycutt, Dylan Shepard 147 Palmyra Johnson, Colton Ransom 147 Palmyra Wessel Jr, Leon Mack 214 Thomasville Brown Jr, Roger Lee 253 Lee Jones, James Garrett 263 Gaston Massie, Bruce Samuel 263 Gaston Hewes, Christopher Allen 267 Dunn's Rock Hyder, Blakely Dwaine 267 Dunn's Rock Davis, Brandon Trey 282 Wake Forest Hale, Jonathon Michael 282 Wake Forest Hundley, Mark Steven 289 Salem Williard, Andrew Alan Jeffrey 289 Salem Arrington, Ronald Tracy 292 French Broad Burger, David Alan 301 Clay Clifton, Erik Bradley 301 Clay Davis, Wayland Scott 304 Pleasant Hill Aycock, Patrick Dail 319 Wilmington Campbell, Patrick David 319 Wilmington Ellis, Jonathan Tadd 319 Wilmington Bumgardner Jr, Kenneth Harold 339 Fairview Carroll, Larry Dean 339 Fairview James, Ronald Newton 339 Fairview Burleson, Coty Ray 357 Bakersville Campbell, Steven Joseph 357 Bakersville Irrera, Joseph Carmen 395 Orient Spinola, Steven Richard 395 Orient Snyder, Jonathan Michael 395 Orient Washington Jr, David Joseph 395 Orient Carroll, Joseph Aaron 397 Bald Creek Farrish, William Nathaniel 407 N. Wilkesboro Pruitt, Jacob Logan 407 N. Wilkesboro Capps, James Michael 429 Seaside Fimbel Jr, Alexander Louis 429 Seaside Hill, Dylan James 429 Seaside Adams, Raymond Bruce 431 Relief Brown, William Norman 431 Relief Vancil, Christopher Anthony 431 Relief Kennedy, Christopher Shawn 434 West Bend Myers, Charles Anthony 484 Southern Pines Moretz, Jason Paul 502 Cookville Hearne, Frank Adam 505 Cherryville Moss, Ethan Hugh 505 Cherryville Martin, Dennis Ray 544 Mount Holly Ward, Samuel Bowers 565 Wendell Hodges Sr, Jeff Wade 590 Lowell Williamson, Justin Michael 590 Lowell Spring, Daniel Jared 592 Maiden Hennessy, William Anthony 594 Ashe Benfield, Joshua Nicholas 616 Round Peak Kirk, Michael William Ray 626 Cannon Memorial Owen, Todd Jeffrey 626 Cannon Memorial Pigford, Dylan 626 Cannon Memorial Joyce, Joseph Keaton 629 Walnut Cove Harwood, Gregory David 637 Yadkin Falls Moorees, Ian Pitoy 650 Nichols-W. Asheville Wright, Charles Edward 654 Elberta Craft, Coley William 657 Keller Memorial Graves, Christopher John 663 Black Mountain Martin, Travis Hunter 663 Black Mountain Toups, Kevin Douglas 663 Black Mountain Masse, Jonathan 667 Ft. Bragg Abernathy, James Dillon 669 Kernersville Fulton, Tayler Wayne 669 Kernersville Bartlett, Orin 679 Creasy Proctor Everage, Jason Alan 679 Creasy Proctor Hastings, Kemar Jamoy 679 Creasy Proctor Macias, Michael 679 Creasy Proctor Stewart Jr, Selester 685 Piedmont-Pioneer Lewis, Chris Hopkins 689 Scotland Neck Joyce, Mark William 693 Charles M. Setzer Rosenbalm, Randy Dale 709 Conover Nichols, Jonathan Ray 733 Stump Sound Connally, Michael Armstrong 743 J. J. Crowder Caison, Corey Edwin 758 Oak Island Graham, John Thomas 758 Oak Island Pandozzi, Mark 758 Oak Island Brothers give gi of experience to fire trainees What to do with an old house planted smack in the middle of property on which you want to build a new Masonic lodge? Burn it down. With some professional help. Brothers of Derita #715 in Charlotte last month got a real chance to pay their community back with a very big gift to the Charlotte Fire Department Training Academy. e lodge donated an old house on land they have bought for a new lodge. e gift wasn't an easy give-away. Before they could hand it over, the lodge had to obtain air quality and demolition permits, regrade the driveways and trim overhanging branches for the fire trucks and construct parking areas for the CFD support vehicles. All work was done by Derita brothers. And the giving opportunity didn't stop there. Cabinets and counters and fixtures from the house were donated to Habitat for Humanity. e house was used by the CFD Academy to train recruits in breaching doors, walls and ceilings, as well as venting roofs. e training culminated in a gradu- ation exercise – the controlled burn of the house. e exercise is the perfect way to train recruits under conditions of a live fire. On the day of the controlled burn, brothers were on site to hand out water, beverages and energy bars to the recruits and firefighter instructors. ere is still much work to do including removing the debris, backfilling the crawl space void, and regrading and landscaping the site. "is is a large project but giving back to our community and supporting the future of our fire department is well worth the effort," said Derita Master Don Wallace. Masons in the Community Top: Lodge members supplied refreshments to the trainees. Bottom: Heading into the breech.

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