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I t seems like only yesterday (or does it feel like long ago?) that you were arriving on campus for the first time—at Oklahoma State, at Alpha Tau Omega, at Epsilon Omicron Chapter, at 324 South Monroe, or one of the prior addresses. Whether you came alone or with a classmate, you found a home, a community, and friendships that would last a lifetime. Whether you knew it or not, you were on your way to discovering your niche, honing your personal and professional interests, getting ready to launch your career and make an impact on the world. Today, as we have for more than 70 years, we continue to welcome some of Oklahoma State's finest young men to Alpha Tau Omega. ey seek the same values that have benefitted nearly 1,000 men who've joined our brotherhood: scholarship, fellowship, character, leadership, and service. But we need your help if we're to continue developing servant leaders who live our values and vision. Our goal is simple and of interest to all of us: Continue delivering the benefits we received from Alpha Tau Omega— and deliver them at an even higher level—to future generations of young men at Oklahoma State. It's the best way we know to sustain and advance our brotherhood. Giving the Gift that Was Given to You "The friends I gained during my time in the fraternity have remained lifelong friends who will support me during thick and thin." – Brad Dunbar '94

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