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Candlelight Page 2 W e will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Chapter in 2022. In anticipation of this monumental event, I am reaching out to alumni to help us collect all of the composite photos. Each year, going back to the 1950s and perhaps even earlier, a composite photo was taken of each individual member of that year's Chapter. I am in the process of collecting these group photos from each year. These are the ones that were distributed to the members and are about 14" by 11". Currently, I only have the following years: 1971, 1972 and 2017-18. If you are willing to dig into your old fraternity memorabilia and locate one of these photos, that would be much appreciated. You can either donate it to the cause or, if you wish to retain it, I'll make a copy and send it back to you. I will be placing the pictures in an album to be kept in the Rich and Phyllis Russell Alumni Room. This will be a wonderful addition to our historical collection and a great tribute to the men who made this fraternity what it is today. Please contact me first to let me know you have a copy and which year, so we don't get multiple copies of each one. We only have three years to collect these, so a prompt response will be appreciated. This will be a great gift to our fraternity in celebration of our 100th year. Rex Martin '72 Secretary and Historian Beta Phi Foundation rexmartinpiano@gmail.com (317) 445-5077 (Mobile) 8912 Keevers Drive Indianapolis, IN 46234 Help Us Locate Lost Composite Photos Carol Fitch Richard A. Glenn '49 Glenn E. Omholt '50 Gerald E. Grant '54 Ernest L. Hartman '56 C. Craig Hudson '56 Neil J. Adams '57 Jim M. Thompson '57 Don W. Rain '58 Richard L. Russell '58 Harry G. Chase '59 Edward L. Neufer '59 Charles D. Kent '60 Fredric C. Westendorf '60 Richard A. Justice '61 Donald J. Orr '61 William C. Young '62 Charles N. Hetrick '63 David C. Follmer '64 Samuel J. Gilmore '64 William D. Preston '64 James A. Schwai '64 John W. Bevelhimer III '65 Robert W. Raichle '65 Robert K. Rosler '65 Raymond W. Schier '65 James W. Barr II '66 David A. Walters '66 Jeffrey B. Orwig '67 Paul L. Pence '67 Daniel T. Herron '68 Philip D. Preuninger '68 Kenneth G. Bassler '69 William L. Finch '69 R. Richard Hofmann '69 Greg R. Blakey '70 Geoffrey C. Boling '70 Thomas D. Pogue '70 John C. Wolfe '70 Dennis E. Dreyer '71 Thomas W. Eyre '71 John L. Hammond Jr. '71 G. Michael Ketz '71 Rex A. Martin '72 Randall S. Meyerholtz '72 Alvin G. Rohrer '72 William A. Samuelson '73 David F. Peppler '74 Raymond C. Walter Jr. '74 Alexander G. Bashenow '75 L. William Gates '76 Larry J. Lautner '77 Robert F. Rossiter Jr. '78 Curtis B. Edwards '79 Kentton C. Grant '81 Christopher J. Inglot '82 Robert J. Nice '82 Robert J. Shusta '82 Gary A. Brownfield '83 James E. Shaw II '84 Scott E. Thompson '84 Michael D. Wright '85 Tyler W. Viernow '85 Michael C. Kristakis '86 Michael G. Iem '87 Thomas C. Callahan '92 Michael K. McMahon '92 Dirk T. Soedel '92 William A. Kinder '95 Casey J. Hiers '01 Thank You, Loyal Beta Phis W e are so thankful and proud of what Beta Phi accomplished in 2018. The 72 alumni and friends listed below stepped up to invest in Beta Phi's future, and we could not be more grateful. Thank you for committing more than $31,500 toward Leadership School for the Chapter and the general foundation fund. We would not be on our way to 100 years without you! Cost of Education Continues to Climb What Does This Mean for Beta Phi's Collegians? I t's no secret that the cost of college continues to increase. Hundreds of headlines each year display the increased dollars students are facing. So what does that look like across the nation? According to fall 2016 enrollment data from College Board, the average tuition and fees at an in-state public college is $9,716 for the 2018-19 year, $21,629 for an out-of-state student, compared to $35,676 for a private university. How does Purdue University stack up to the national average? The Purdue University website outlines tuition and fees for 2018-19 as $9,992 for in-state students. However, out- of-state students face a huge increase in tuition—$28,794. This is just the cost of tuition and enrollment fees each semester. Housing, books, transportation, and general cost of living expenses add another approximately $12,800 in expenses per student. As education costs remain on the rise, alumni support of Beta Phi becomes vital. Scholarship resources and competitive housing costs make a huge difference for our undergraduate brothers. Reach out to our House Association to see how you can get involved in aiding the chapter.

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