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inside: Help us locate lost composite photos 2 Thank You, lOyal Beta phis 2 save the date 4 spring 2019 Candlelight Beta Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha • Purdue University Published by the Beta Phi Foundation 98 Y ear s at Pur d u e O ur tradition of the Pike Old Masters took place December 1-2, 2018. It was a fantastic weekend that included the PMO Christmas show. Ralph Born '72, Greg Delaney '73, Tom Eyre '71, and Dave Peppler '74 made up our distinguished alumni. Interestingly, along with their families and Pikes from their era, they vacation together every year! Their story is great, so if you see any of them, ask about it. You will be as envious of them as I am. They are truly the epitome of friendship. In our last Candlelight, Brother Jeff Copeland '69 sent out a challenge to the members of his era. He has taken leadership of a flagpole project. Jeff would like to get the Chapter House a suitable flagpole for our prestigious location on campus; it's the perfect place for a patriotic statement! A plaque with the names of those who contribute will be attached to the pedestal for the pole. You can write a check to the Beta Phi Foundation (with flagpole in the notes) or you can donate online at pikapurdue.org/donate-now. You are welcome to contact Jeff at fastcar09@gmail.com or me at joe.conti@construcks.com. Finally, I invite you to make our Chapter House your meeting place when returning to Purdue. Just like the friendships forged for the 2018 Pike Old Masters, it was the original place to be involved, participate, work and grow into who we are today. Rekindle that fire. Make the time and arrangements to get together and use 629 University as your meeting place. In so many instances over the last several years, I speak with brothers who have returned after being away. In every case, they leave saying they wished they had not stayed away so long and will come back soon. Sincerely in Phi Phi K A, Joe Conti '85 President, Beta Phi Foundation (715) 498-4498 | joe.conti@construcks.com REKINDLE YOUR PIKE PRIDE I t's no secret that college social fraternities exist in an environment much different than the environment we experienced, and because of this shifting landscape, fraternal programming has also shifted. Every successful fraternal organization is taking steps toward adapting its programs to this new environment, including Pi Kappa Alpha. Fortunately, the values ingrained in our ritual have stood the test of time and serve as the nucleus upon which successful programming is built and, in turn, successful young men. With a full house and few notable events to report, I want to use this platform to update the Beta Phi alumni on a major shift in how the International Fraternity is approaching educating the undergraduate members on the lessons we all must learn to become successful members of society. Called the True Pike Experience (TPE), it is a comprehensive member-development program Headquarters rolled out last year, which is designed to provide each member with an individualistic educational platform based on the True Pike Commitments Value Statement (to myself, to my brothers, to my fraternity, and to my community). With the benefit of modern technology, Headquarters has created presentation materials, including a guide for facilitators, giving them the tools to lead discussions on eight educational themes: ritual, recruitment, management, marketing, health and safety, leadership, life skills, and professional development. Each presentation is tailored to the specific audience, allowing facilitators to differentiate between members based on their grade level. This technology also incorporates one of the most important pieces to a successful education program: accountability. Each member is given an educational portal, called the MyPike Portal, where the member can track his overall progress and, perhaps more importantly, where the Chapter leadership can track the progress and successes (or failures) of each member, providing real-time feedback on the education of each member. The MyPike Portal also tracks each member's performance in all programs, such as academic achievement, recruitment, chapter involvement, community service and philanthropy. And if each member needs more motivation, Chapter "points" are tracked by Headquarters, allowing them to better diagnose the performance of each Chapter, which I'm sure will be a factor in determining awards. For more information on this new program, I encourage you to visit www.pikes.org and watch this informative YouTube video, https:// bit.ly/2tiiiBL. Fraternally, Matt Folz, Theta Omicron '07 Home Association President matthew.r.folz@gmail.com The True Pike Experience Different Times Call for Different Programs

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