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December 11, 2018

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM DECEMBER 12-18, 2018 UCW 7 TO THE EDITOR e Nov. 28, 2018, edition of Up & Coming Weekly featured an opinion piece by Karl Merritt titled "Deci- sion time for Democrats." Several readers responded. Two agreed to have their unedited comments published in our paper edition. Here is a link to the original article: www.upandcomingweekly.com/ views/5597-decision-time-for- democrats?fbclid=IwAR39ci_m2fusI- 7uKGoAzzYn5rsLEDbN9nha65Y5F- fovMKL5ulLbtXczGFVg. Mr. Merritt, Read your article in the Up & Coming Weekly and respectfully disagree with some of your points. In your second paragraph you stat- ed the Democrats can't do both in legislate or investigate. Where was this when the Republicans had control of the Congress since 2010? ey held so many investigations on the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and the Russia investigation you can't even count them all it will give you a migraine headache. Now the Democrats will have the gavel in January 2019 and you want them to legislate and just forget? Now with that being said there has to be oversight of the Trump administration but the Democrats should not over play their hand. If there are actual facts and evidence that an investigation is needed on an issue then by all means do so. Example if or when the Russian investigation report from Mueller comes out and the informa- tion in the report only satisfies Democrats without having Republicans saying "hey wait a minute this report has some serious issues that we can't ignore" then the Democrats need to squash it and put to rest this Russia collusion mess and move on and don't even think or bringing up impeachment. ere is a lot of anger in this country on both sides and it needs to be called out. I don't agree with protesters interrupting people trying to eat, walking through hallways or an owner of a restau- rant refusing to serve someone because they are Trump supporters or works for the Trump adminis- tration. at is wrong on all counts. Going to some- one's house like Tucker Carlson's is reprehensible. e problem I see is when Trump say's or tweets something stupid or totally false no major Repub- lican calls him out. Where is Mitch McConnell and the soon to be ex speaker of the house Paul Ryan? Nowhere to be found. People are more upset with their Republican representatives who will not stand up to Trump and say "this is wrong" or "what you are saying and tweeting is not factual correct". Trump thinks the FBI and Depart- ment of Justice works personally for him they don't they work for the American people. Trump is going to be Trump and he will continue the way he is and if Republicans who are in congress refuse to call him out and just hide because they are scared someone is going to primary them then they are only in it for themselves and the money not the people they represent. I am a Democrat and voted for Obama twice did I worship him absolutely not. Did I disagree with him on some policies yes I did. One example when the Syrian president crossed that red line Obama had drawn and gassed his own people action should have been taken right then and there. What was the ripple effect? You guessed it mass immi- gration and it's a complete mess. People fleeing Syria and other middle eastern countries going to Europe, American and Canada. We all have our political dif- ferences but we can respectfully disagree with each other without getting crazy and physically or ver- bally attacking each other. Sincerely, Nelson L. Smith ******************************************* Well written article, just makes me sad that we have come to this. Each of us has to decide how to behave, what behavior is acceptable in any situa- tion, whether directed toward us or toward some- one we dislike, and continue to communicate with our Congressional Representatives and Senators as to what our expectations are of them. Susan Dennis 'Decision time for Democrats:' Readers respond Karol Markowicz, in an article titled "e mob at Tucker Carlson's house is a serious threat to freedom," reported that the Antifa members chanted, "We know where you sleep at night." Markowicz also wrote: "e mob vandalized the Carlsons' driveway with graffiti, tried to break down their front door, shared the family's address on social media and encouraged others to confront him. Wednesday Distribution Route Call Laurel Handforth, Distribution Manager at 484-6200 * Must have own vehicle, valid driver's license and insurance. Email brief work history and contact information to laurel@upandcomingweekly.com

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