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the myriad of day-to-day issues facing club operators. That's why Messick encourages a regular maintenance program, which can double the lifespan of a carpet installation. "If you don't clean your carpet, it's simply not going to last," she says. "Soil and grit are very abrasive, and if not cleaned properly, will be packed down and will eventually ruin the carpet. On average, a club should be able to get five to seven years out of a carpet installation. Without proper maintenance, they'll be fortunate to get two good years out of it." Thankfully, one of the newest developments in carpet manufacturing—attached-cushion carpet—not only makes cleaning up spills and dirt exceptionally easier, it also adds years to the life of the carpet. "About 25 percent of new orders are attached-cushion carpet," says Messick. "With attached-cushion carpet, once we finish with the carpet, we send it to company who mechanically attaches a cushion on the back, which is a dense, urethane foam. This foam acts as a moisture barrier. Typically, if someone spills a drink and it's a regular carpet on concrete, that drink will go into the concrete, which is porous, and becomes an odor over time. It is a reoccurring stain that, no matter how hard you try, is almost impossible to fully remove. "What the attached cushion does is keep the stain from reaching the concrete, and instead keeps it on the base/surface of your carpet," Messick adds. "This allows your carpet to clean up like a breeze, and adds 50 percent life to your carpet, which is an enormous plus. It is a more expensive carpet, but it does extend the life and really makes maintenance so much easier and more convenient." www.ExoticDancer.com Despite her dozen years of industry experience and genuine commitment to adult nightclub owners across the country, Messick is surprised to learn that some club owners still work with the "local carpet guy" when renovating their venue. As she explains, not only does the local guy have little knowledge of the adult nightclub industry, but they'll almost always pay substantially more for their carpet when they buy "retail." "It's amazing to hear that clubs still buy from the local guy down the street," says Messick. "Seriously? Why would you buy at retail prices? Unless you just like giving money away … it's a 40-50 percent mark-up if you're buying from the local guy. But at Alpha Patterned Carpet, since we're the manufacturer as well, there is no mark-up. I'll always give club owners a great product at a fair price." Though, as Messick explains, it was a difficult decision for her to leave a company that she had worked with for over 10 years, the chance to steer her own ship was an opportunity that she simply couldn't pass up. "It's been very rewarding to be able to have control over my own destiny," she says. "I've worked very hard to achieve the relationships and the reputation I have in this industry. It is my promise to deliver the best product I can with the best possible service to an industry that I have a passion for." For more information, please call (800) 778-5241 ext. 200, or (620) 669-0174, or email kmessick@cox.net. May 2012 Club Bulletin 11

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