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THE DELTA CHI EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION The KnighT erranT Fall 2018 All the Sights and Sounds of Denver, Colorado, as Delta Chis Converged for the Fraternity's 61st International Convention A ugust 1-5, 2018, will be remembered as the week that 639 Delta Chis and guests converged on Denver, Colorado, for Delta Chi's largest Convention of all time! On Saturday, the Foundation had its annual meeting and elected a new Executive Committee. But, the most important thing we did was recognize the many donors who gave generous- ly, in so many different ways. The DCEF board was honored and humbled to present three New Founders to the Conven- tion at the closing banquet: Brother Patrick Alderdice, Ball State '92, Brother Rod Arnold, Texas A&M '88, and Brother David Cloutier, Embry Riddle '92. Each man has given over $100,000 lifetime to Delta Chi. They were each presented with a hand-drawn portrait: one for their home and the other to be saved or sent to their chapter. Gentlemen, thank you for your steadfast support of Delta Chi and all of its programs. We couldn't be more grateful for your friendship and belief in our mission to assist in the acquisi- tion of a sound education for our members. Delta Chi is much better because of you. Congratulations Kettering-B and Colorado State for winning the 1890 Society Chapter Challenge, along with all of our scholar- ship winners who were awarded at Convention. Next, we recog- nized donors who have reached a new lifetime giving level since last Convention and we brought them up to the stage for a picture with their fellow donors that have reached the same giving level. Thank you for giving your time, talent, and especially your treasure to Del- ta Chi, brothers! "Stick it to Hauser" – Greg Hauser, Michigan State '75 is an avid supporter of the DCEF and a man who always recip- rocates gratitude and good feelings sent his way. With this in mind, Greg donned a black robe and allowed us to cover him in stickers that were pur- chased by Convention attend- ees via a donation made to the Our forebears on the historic steps of The Stanley Hotel. Trustees on the 2018 Trustee Society Experience on the same historic steps. (Continued on page 2) Delta Chi's newest New Founders: New Founder Rod Arnold, Texas A&M '88, New Founder David Cloutier, Embry Riddle '92, and New Founder Patrick Alderdice, Ball State '92, pictured with Jim Marascio, Bryant '93 (far right), and Lyle Sprinkle, Georgia Tech '96 (far left)

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