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naming Worshipful Brother Gilbert DeVerne Bailey of Charles M. Setzer #693 as junior grand steward. Bailey was raised in 2004 and served as senior warden, secretary, trustee, and master of the Charles M. Setzer lodge and also has served on the Board of Custodians and currently is a member of the WhiteStone Board of Directors. A total of 1,007 delegates also tackled 10 amendments, completing voting on the rst day of the communication. ey rejected a proposal to revamp endowed memberships and to open lodge on the rst degree. ey approved proposals that allow a lodge to meet on another day and to hold its annual meeting on an alternate date in cases of hazardous conditions. Several other proposals were ruled out of order or withdrawn. Brethren voted overwhelmingly to reject a proposal to increase the per capita by $5. On Friday, the body took up the proposed budget for 2019, which forecast a decit of more than $53,000. After discus- sion, the budget was approved as proposed. "Please be aware, we don't prepare the budget in a vacuum. We live in the real world," said Kevin Combs, chairman of the nance committee. "Lots of things about Masonry are unique and require funds to carry out." As a part of the budget presenta- tion, Senior Grand Warden Shaun Bradshaw gave a brief overview of a proposal called "3 by 5." Under the plan the per capita would increase gradually and on a predictable schedule. Bradshaw said the nance committee felt a vote on that plan this year would be premature. Grand Master Speed Hallman conducted a straw vote, asking the representa- tives of the lodges whether they might favor such a plan. A substan- tial majority raised their hands in support of the idea. Bradshaw and other Grand Line o!cers want to visit lodges to discuss the plan. Business turned to celebration during the two-day session as Grand Master Hallman announced two Montfort Medal recipients: Worshipful Brothers Gary Handy and Jim Medlin. Brother Handy is a member and Past Master of Walnut Cove #629 and has been employed has a purchasing agent for Stokes County since 1994. He has taken on many jobs within the Craft – not the least of which is his work to stage a seam- less Annual Communication every year. He was raised in June 2003 at Walnut Cove Lodge and is a!li- ated with Wilkerson College #760, Sophia #767, Lux Libertas #772 and Kernersville #669. He's a Past DDGM of the 26th district. He also is General Secretary to the Valley of Greensboro Scottish Rite and is active in the York Rite, along with Oasis Shriners in Char- lotte. He says he has loved all of this work but the work he most treasures is acting as secretary and instructor to Wilkerson College. He has served on the Board of General Purposes, as well as the Charter and Finance Committees of the Grand Lodge. Brother Gary lives in Walnut Cove, along with his wife Jennifer and has one daughter and two grandchildren. Brother Medlin is a native son of Kings Mountain and is Past Master of East LaPorte #358. He also is a member of Fairview #339 and Wilkerson College #760. He is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite member, Valley of Asheville; an Oasis Shriner; York Rite, North Carolina Grand York Rite Body; and a National Sojourner in the Fayetteville and Raleigh chapters. September/October 2018 The North Carolina Mason Page 3 see MORE ANNUAL page 9 ANNUAL from page 1 How did the amendments fare? Outcome of the 10 Amendment Groups put before the Annual Communication Amendment Group 1 Would have stopped the purchase of new Endowed Memberships and create a new type of membership, Legacy Membership. Amendment Group 7 Requires the lodge treasurer to make a report to his lodge at least quarterly. Amendment Group 2 Allow a lodge to reschedule a stated communication in the event its regular stated communication was cancelled due to inclement weather or hazardous conditions. Amendment Group 3 Requires members appointed to the Code Commission to be a Past Master or Secretary. Amendment Group 4 Would automatically "suspend" the membership of a member who has been charged with a felony. Once his charges have been adjudicated and he is found not guilty, his record is expunged and he is a member in good standing. If found guilty, his case is forwarded to the Judge Advocate for formal Masonic charges. Amendment Group 5 This amendment would state that a master may, but is not required to, order a petition of application withdrawn and returned if he discovers after it has been received that the petitioner or applicant answered any question in the petition or application falsely. Amendment Group 6 Would raise the per capita rate owed to the Grand Lodge to $25 from its current rate of $20. Per Capita pays for the operation of the Grand Lodge and was last approved in 2013. Amendment Group 8 Allows a lodge to be able to hold its annual meeting (election of officers) on another date due to cancellation of a stated due to hazardous conditions. This amendment does require membership notification of a date other than a stated communication. Amendment Group 9 Would have allowed a lodge to open lodge on the First Degree and conduct its business. Amendment Group 10 Further defines forbidden obstructive motions. ✓ PASSED ✓ PASSED ✓ PASSED ✖ FAILED ✖ FAILED ✖ FAILED WITHDRAWN ouT of oRDeR ouT of oRDeR ✓ PASSED

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