You At Your Best

October 2018 • Women's Issue

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SATURdAY, SEpTEmBER 29, 2018 | wOmEn'S ISSUE - OcTOBER nwAdg.cOm/YOUATYOURBEST | YOU AT YOUR BEST | 3 Working together. We think that's the key to better healthcare for you and your family. And now the doctors and specialists at Northwest Health and Mayo Clinic are joining forces. We will work together to TGUQNXG[QWTJCTFVQUQNXGOGFKECNRTQDNGOUCPFVQƂPFDGVVGT answers. For you, that means peace of mind, and access to the ƂPGUVOGFKECNMPQYNGFIGCXCKNCDNG4KIJVJGTGCVJQOGCPF at no additional cost. Northwest Health and Mayo Clinic. Working together. Working for you. To find out more, visit

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