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October 2018 • Women's Issue

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Well-woman visits, vaccines, SHS for teens, HIV testing, access to contraception as well as fertility treatments and pregnancy care, and proper medical treatment for mental disorders are an essential part of being active and living a healthy and thriving life, which positively affects the ways in which we interact with those we care about. Most often than not we get caught up with work, school, our family, our friends and other things that seem far more important than our health. We have to remember, however, that the only reason we can partake in anything that we do on a daily basis depends on good health and clear state of mind. A healthy and productive lifestyle, therefore, depends on how well we take care of ourselves and how well aware we are of the changes in our body to get the adequate help or necessary treatment. Living in an era with so many medical advancements and affordable primary care services, there is no excuse to skip annual doctor visits, or not to practice daily healthy routines. The aim of this magazine is to cater to the needs of diverse women and adolescents because every individual acts and reacts differently and requires different medical care and services. 10 Do you take advantage of your Well-Woman visits? Writer - Kim Marquez sheds light on why a Well-Woman visit helps identify serious health concerns before they become life threatening 14 strength training Writer - Karen Rice uncovers the truth about resistance training for women 12 not just a woman's issue Columnist - Dave Woods shares an opinion on why women's health is be important to everyone 4 smart choices for stroke prevention 5 Physician profile Pregnancy & exercise 8 Health awareness, services Loving choices, early pregnancy symptoms 9 causes of female infertility 10 Planned Parenthood of Fayetteville 11 mental health disorders Domestic violence awareness 12 mona Lisa touch 13 Activity, wellness center has something for everyone 15 breast cancer awareness signs, symptoms of breast cancer 16 Hearing testing Work-life balance 17 specialized care for women Well-Woman exam OctOber 2018 | WOmen's issue 2 | YOU AT YOUR BEST | nwAdg.cOm/YOUATYOURBEST OcTOBER - wOmEn'S ISSUE | SATURdAY, SEpTEmBER 29, 2018

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