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Subscribe at 46 WHY I STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE JENNIFER PRATHER CERTIFIED HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL (CHEP) IN TEACHING DENTAL ASSISTING PROGRAM SUPERVISOR – INTELLITEC COLLEGE How many years of experience do you have in higher education? Nine years. How did you begin your career in higher education? I started my career in higher education over 9 years ago. As a practicing dental assistant, I would see new graduates coming out of school but still struggling in their careers. I spent a good portion of my time mentoring and enjoying helping others understand. I felt a connection with these young people and knew I had a calling to teach! What part of your job brings you the most personal satisfaction? I have three key items that bring me great satisfaction: 1.) I am always pleased and happy when a student who has been struggling finally understands a procedure or concept and has that "a-ha" moment. I never tire of seeing the light bulb shining bright. 2.) When I see my students walk across the stage at graduation with huge smiles on their faces. I see how important it is to them to know they have completed college, and I know I have been part of changing their lives. 3.) Watching students attain the knowledge and skills needed to help secure their employment in the field they have chosen and knowing they are launching a career they will love.

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